Bodyweight Bicep Exercises With and Without Gym Equipment

bodyweight bicep exercises

Everyone wishes to get biceps that are impressive and good looking. But with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, going to the gyms has become highly risky. So, you can try out some of the bodyweight bicep exercises without equipment at home and work towards your goal.

You can go for some easy and regular bicep exercises at your house and achieve your body goals. No, by ‘easy’ we do not mean you do not need to put in any effort.

But all we mean is, there are bodyweight bicep exercises that you can try out without spending any money. And do that, we have a list of exercises that will help you!

Bodyweight bicep exercises

Regardless of your gender, strength training is essential. You need to make sure you are losing out on the fat and converting it into lean muscles.

All these exercises below require no barbells or dumbbells. Plus, you are not risking yourself with any heavy machine or COVID-19.

So, let us check out all the bodyweight bicep exercises to try at home:


The plank is a core exercise, and it is great for your abdominal muscles too. It helps in increasing the stability, strength, and power of your body.

But it would help if you kept in mind that even though the plank is a core exercise, it boosts your biceps marvelously.

To do planks at home, you need to:

  • Begin with a prone posture while placing your hands on the floor
  • Keep your face downwards and let your toes and forearms touch the floor
  • Make sure your elbows are under your shoulders
  • Keep your spine in a parallel position
  • Then, pull in your belly button and push it right to your biceps
  • Keep holding onto this till you can
  • Finally, release and then repeat

Side plank

If you are looking for bodyweight shoulder exercises, then the side plank must make to your workout list.

In this exercise, you can put pressure on your shoulders and strengthen them. Also, this exercise is great to bring about an alignment in your body. So, do add this exercise to your workout plan.

To do the side plank exercise, you need to:

  • Begin with your right side and place your right hand onto the floor
  • Then push your arm till it comes into a parallel line from your ankle to your shoulders
  • Make sure you only place the right side of your palm and foot onto the floor
  • Now, hold onto it till you can
  • After a few seconds, try out the left side
  • Again, repeat on the right side

If you find this tough, you can try modifying the side plank by putting your forearm in place of your hand on the floor.


Are you wondering why a yoga pose has made it to the list of bodyweight bicep exercises? Well, not just for your yoga classes, you can try out the chaturanga posture to build your biceps.

The Chaturanga posture can help you in making your arms strong and also builds your biceps.

To do the Chaturanga, you need to:

  • Begin with a prone or standard plank position
  • Then, place your hands onto the floor
  • Keep your elbows right under your shoulders at an angle of 90 degrees
  • Now, lower your body and check if your elbows are at the linear height to your side
  • Your elbows, upper arms, chest, and shoulders must all be in alignment
  • Finally, start pushing your back to a plank posture
  • Repeat the exercise

Dive bomber push-up

With the basic push-ups, try out all the different types of them. Your biceps can take a massive turn with the dive bomber push up.

You can indeed build up strong arms and core by including this exercise into your bodyweight bicep exercises list.

To do the dive bomber push up, you need to:

  • Begin with the dog position on the floor
  • Then, place your pelvis onto the floor
  • Keep your hips upwards in the air,
  • Now put your shoulder and feet width far apart
  • Place your head slowly downwards and allow your back to be in arch position
  • Finally, get back to your normal posture and start from the beginning again

Towel curl

If you wish to try out bodyweight bicep exercises without equipment, there are indeed plenty of workouts to try. Now adds to the list is the towel curl exercise.

It would help if you kept no equipment, dumbbell or barbell – all you will require is a chair and bath towel.

To do the towel curl, you need to:

  • First, twist your towel till it gets into the shape of the noodle
  • Then, sit on the chair and place your feet onto the floor
  • Now put the towel just beneath one of your feet
  • You need to hold onto one side of the towel’s end
  • Then slowly start bringing it towards your face
  • Keep using your foot to resistant it
  • It would help if you held until you can
  • Now repeat the process

Bodyweight bicep exercises with equipment

All the above exercises are easy, and you can try them out without any equipment. Now, let us check out some exercises with minimal requirements that are good for your biceps and overall fitness, which you can try out at home:

Inverted row

The inverted row is an exercise that is best if you cannot try out any regular pull-up. Of course, this exercise requires a set of rings or bar that you need to set up at your waist height.

To do the inverted row, you need to:

  • First, place yourself beneath the bar while facing upwards
  • Hold onto the bar with your hands while keeping your hands wide apart; it must be far apart from your shoulder width
  • Start squeezing in your butt and abs so that your body is straight
  • Hold yourself up till your chest is touching the bar
  • Now slowly start lowering your body back downwards
  • Repeat this process

If you want to try out and make it harder for yourself, lower the bar to create tension on your biceps.


Apart from biceps, if you want to try out bodyweight tricep exercises, then the chin-up indeed one of them. You can try out this exercise to build up your lats too.

But it would help if you kept a healthy bar to try out this exercise.

To do the chin-up exercise, you need to:

  • Place the sturdy and strong bar at a height that you can from after extending your arms
  • Also, you must be sure your feet are not in touch with the floor
  • Now grasp onto the sturdy bar
  • Keep your arms facing towards you
  • Hold yourself till you do not clear the bar
  • Slowly then lower your body but with proper control
  • Repeat the process

Isometric chin-up

Another fancy way of trying out the usual chin-up exercise is the isometric exercise. Here you are creating tension onto your muscles, but you are neither expanding nor compressing them.

To do the isometric chin-up, you need to:

  • Grasp onto a bar that you are using for your regular chin-ups
  • Then face your palms while keeping your hands at the width of the shoulder
  • Start pulling yourself till your chin can clear up the bar
  • Finally, instead of going upwards and downwards, the only difference is holding onto it till you can

If you want to make your bicep build-up process challenging, start bending your arm till they are at an angle of 90 degrees.

Biceps curl with resistant bands

Ordering a resistance band online is relatively easier than going out to the gym or spending loads on some expensive equipment.

To do the bicep curls with resistant bands, you need to:

  • Sit onto the floor while keeping your knees under you
  • Then hold onto your resistance band
  • Place one side under your right knee
  • Then, hold it with your right hand and pull it towards your right shoulder
  • Keep your upper arm in place
  • After a few seconds – release
  • Then repeat and switch it alternatively

Decline push-up

The decline push-up is slightly more challenging than all bodyweight exercises. When you are thinking of including this exercise in your workout regime, keep a couch or bench at hand.

To do the decline push-up, you need to:

  • Begin by placing your knees and hands on the ground
  • Then place your hands far apart from your shoulder-width
  • Carefully now stretch your feet and place them on the couch or bench
  • Start to realign your body into a straight position
  • Make sure your hips are not sagging
  • Keep your elbows straight, but you can reposition your hands if required.
  • Slowly lower your body while bending your elbow
  • Do not bend too low for your nose to touch the ground
  • Then push upwards until your elbows are in a straight position
  • Repeat the process for a few sets

Headbanger Pull-ups

The headbanger pull-ups are easy to do and can build up your biceps well. You will need a bar here to do the headbanger.

To do the headbanger pull-ups, you need to:

  • Grasp onto the bar while letting your palms face you
  • Keep your hands at a should-width distance
  • Now start hanging your arms straight, but you are not supposed to lock them
  • Start pulling yourself upwards till your arms are at an angle of 90 degrees
  • Finally, move your body frontwards and backward
  • Hold onto the movement as long as you can
  • Wait for a minute and then repeat

Chin-up with Towel

The simple inclusion of towels in your workout session is great for your biceps and stabilizes your body from swinging.

To do chin-up with a towel, you need to:

  • Firmly hang two towels onto the bar you use for chin-ups
  • Keep the distance at a shoulder-width
  • Then grasp onto the towel and start your chin-ups
  • Hold onto your chin-up position for a while
  • Slowly bring your body back to your normal posture
  • Finally, repeat the process again

It would help if you were careful about your chin-up process with towels. Remember to tie the knots firmly to avoid any mishaps. If you are not confident initially, you can start by exercising with one towel and then try it out with two hands.

Lateral plank walk

The lateral plank walk exercise might seem to be very simple. But it indeed is one of the best bodyweight exercises to give your core, biceps, and triceps a perfect shape.

To do the lateral plank walk exercise, you need to:

  • Begin with the plank position
  • Place your elbows under your shoulders and your hands onto the floor
  • Be sure your elbows are at an angle of 90-degrees, and your spine is straight
  • Hold up your chin
  • Then start by moving your right arm and leg for a foot
  • Repeat the process with your left arm and leg
  • Now keep moving

It would help if you tried out this exercise in a space that does not have much furniture to avoid mishaps.

Commando chin-up

The commando chin-up exercise is not as tricky as the name suggests. It is easy, and you can keep your sturdy bar handy for this one too.

To do the commando chin-up exercise, you need to:

  • Begin by wrapping your hands closed on the sturdy bar
  • Keep your thumbs facing your body
  • Let your arms to be straight. But do not lock your arms
  • Push your body upwards
  • Keep your head position tilted to the left side of the bar
  • Try to touch the bar using your right-side shoulder
  • Then, slowly start lowering yourself downwards
  • Wait for a minute
  • Repeat the same process on the other side

Final Thoughts

If you want your biceps to look great, then use all the bodyweight exercises mentioned above. But always be careful if you are a first-timer.

You can always take help from your trainer and also follow the tutorials present on YouTube. We have added the shortest and easiest ones to follow with this blog. If you want them to be in more detail, you can check them out by simply adding the name on the search tab.

So, start with all the bodyweight bicep exercises and give your body the desired shape and get rid of all the excess fat!


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