Some reasons why men are so attracted to muscular women


Ever wondered why guys are so attracted to muscular women? 

Maybe you’re wondering this because you are a sexy FBB (female bodybuilder) and are curious about what men think about you. 

Or, maybe you’re just wondering  how to get a boyfriend.

Or, maybe you’re a guy who’s attracted to muscular women yourself. 

Or maybe none of the above! This article will cover some common reasons men are attracted to muscular women. 

Why Men like sexy FBB 

This article would be too long to read if we went into all the many reasons men are attracted to muscular women and female bodybuilders. So today, we’ll cover the basics. 

Muscles are a sign of strength (duh!)

Muscles signify physical strength and power, which can appeal to men. Muscles also tend to make women look more toned and fit, which can be another major draw for guys. 

Some research has found that men are more attracted to women with higher muscle mass. This is because muscles are a sign of physical strength, which has traditionally been seen as attractive in a partner.

Muscle mass is aesthetically pleasing

Many men find the sight of muscular women visually stimulating and incredibly sexy. Women aren’t the only ones that like the feel and look of flesh muscles and visible veins. 

Those that are a fan are drawn to the physicality of the human body in its ideal state, which is muscular, toned, powerful, and healthy. 

Muscular women appear biologically healthier 

Muscles are also a sign of good health, another quality traditionally seen as attractive in a partner. Good health is important for both the ability to have children and the ability to care for them.

Muscular people tend to be more intense, which many people find exciting

Finally, muscles are also a sign of high levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for many of the physical and behavioral traits that are typically seen as masculine. 

This includes things like aggression, competitiveness, and risk-taking behavior. High testosterone levels are often seen as attractive by both men and women. 

And many men find sexy FBBs to be symbols of the powerful, confident, and intensely motivated side of femininity. 

Dating a muscular woman is empowering

Here’s the thing. Sexy female bodybuilders know they’re sexy. And they know their worth because they are used to sticking with their beliefs, setting goals, and crushing them. So, in other words, they aren’t an “easy” catch. 

Men who like muscled and sexy FBB also like that empowering feeling of having a partner that is powerful, both physically and mentally. 

Perception of women and their levels of strength

The muscularity of a woman’s body is often seen as a sign of strength and power. This perception can be traced back to prehistoric times when the strongest members of the tribe were responsible for protecting the group from harm. 

In today’s society, women who have developed muscles through weightlifting and other forms of exercise are often considered more physically attractive than those who have not. 

They are also seen as driven, passionate, and successful, as we all know that maintaining a perfectly toned body is no easy task. This is a massive turn-on for tons of guys. 

Do all men like female bodybuilders?

No, not all men are attracted to female bodybuilders. Some men find them unattractive. 

However, more men find sexy FBBs to be their dream women than you might imagine. And, at the end of the day, what you like in a woman, should never need to be compared to what another person likes in a woman. 

Many men like their women to be strong, muscular, and powerful. Others prefer softer or thinner. Both are fine. But remember that it’s ok to like a body type (like sexy fbb) that aren’t always included in societal norms.


There are many reasons why men are so attracted to muscular women. Some men find the muscles aesthetically pleasing, while others enjoy trying to date a women with more muscles than they have. 

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that muscular women have many admirers. So, women, If you’re looking to attract more attention from the opposite sex, working on building your muscle mass might not be a bad idea.


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