Interior Door Trends for Modern Homes in 2024

Interior Door Trends

We all know how a clunky piece of furniture or a moth-bitten sofa can age a home in an instant, but so can an unloved interior door. Giving your home the love it deserves by installing doors that follow the latest interior door trends can inject life, personality, and style into any room in your house.

2024 will largely follow and build upon trends that we’ve seen for some time, with natural and minimalist chic contrasting with bold, feature pieces. Whatever your style, choosing an interior door that fits seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic is a perfect way to add the character it needs.

Top Interior Door Styles to Look Out for in 2024

If you’re looking for inspiration for a modern style for your home, these trending styles could be a great place to start!

Minimalist and Sleek Designs

The minimalist designs that have been popular for many years in all aspects of interior design will continue in 2024 and continue to inspire beyond this year. Sleek, minimalist designs with clean lines, simple shapes, and modern or even invisible hardware will continue to be popular with new and established homeowners.

Concealed rail doors, such as those sold by Trendy Doors, fit this minimalist trend perfectly. The hardware in this door style is hidden behind the door itself, giving the impression that the door is floating on the wall. The visual effect is very minimalistic and the design itself is space-saving, which is a huge benefit in modern homes with a compact layout.

Bold Colors

It’s unlikely that white or traditional wood doors will ever go out of style. However, homeowners looking to inject a splash of color may turn to bolder options.

2024 will see a shift towards industrial-style black Art Deco internal doors, a perfect contrast against white or neutral color walls. This could offer an audacious and unashamedly modern take on the traditional door and is ideal for stylish, sassy homes.

Alternatively, why not opt for something even more daring? A lush green or deep blue interior door can bring life and character into your room without having to touch the walls.

Natural Materials

Trends embracing sustainability, eco-friendly design, and natural materials will undoubtedly be a trending choice for interior doors in 2024 and beyond. 

Natural wood fits perfectly with the Scandinavian “less is more” aesthetic but wooden doors can also add a huge amount of character to a room. Choose a wood with an interesting grain to add a decorative touch.

Glazed Doors

Glazed doors have been popular for several years now and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Glass panels can come in various shapes and sizes to add elegance to any room in your home. They also allow natural light to flow inside the house, making the space feel brighter and more open.

For those looking for a touch of luxury, fluted glass doors can be an opulent addition.

Slide or Pivot Doors

Slide doors are the perfect solution for cozy apartments where every inch matters. Designed to slide seamlessly into the wall, hidden slide doors are a practical yet stylish solution for homeowners with limited space.

Pivot doors are another solution for homeowners looking for a door with a smaller clearance space. Pivot doors offer a stunning and unique alternative to a traditional hinged door, don’t require a frame, and can work in homes of all sizes. Due to the lack of a handle, pivot doors can be a godsend for people with their arms full!

Interior Door Handle Trends for 2024

Choosing a door isn’t only a question of choosing the material and color of the main structure. Handles allow you to add a touch of personality to an otherwise functional door or carry on the chic or elegant theme with a sleek and simple accent.

Minimalist Handles

Sleek but simple handles, for example with a straight bar design, will likely feature in many homes in 2024. Handles of this style fit with many of the other trends we’re seeing at the same time as providing a comfortable grip to open and close doors.

Matte Black Finishes

A black matte finish adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to any room. Black matte finishes also pair perfectly with many different door colors, materials, and styles, making them a versatile but creative choice.

Mixed Materials

A handle choice full of personality, mixed material handles are gaining popularity amongst homeowners looking for an eye-catching design. These types of handles combine materials like metal and timber and add a unique and personal touch to your door.

Concealed Handles

For those who don’t like a showy handle, concealed handles can be a great choice. Offering a clean and tidy aesthetic, concealed handles are designed with discretion in mind to blend in with the door itself. 

Tips for Incorporating Interior Door Trends into Your Home 

Understanding what trends are popular this year is only the first step. You then have to know how to incorporate them into your own home. Keep these tips in mind when working out how your new doors can fit into your rooms:

Choose a Statement Door

If you’re looking to make a bold addition to your home, consider choosing a door in a daring color. Doors with unique designs will also pack a punch in a minimalist room. 

Even if you choose plain colors or designs, playing with style through quirky handles or glass panels will also inject personality into your room.

Mix and Match Materials and Colors

Imagine a traditional oak door with a black or statement handle. Bold looks can create a unique look in your home that feels just right.

Consider Your Overall Aesthetic

When selecting your doors and handles, consider how their designs and styles fit in with the overall aesthetic of your home. Sleek and simple designs will fit seamlessly into a modern or minimalist home. Alternatively, consider natural materials if your home has a rustic feel.

Don’t Forget About Functionality

While many homeowners prioritize aesthetics when designing their homes, you must also remember functionality. It’s best to try handles out before purchasing them to see how they feel in your hand and if you like the grip it offers. 

Other factors to consider include:

  • Hollow-core vs solid-core doors: Hollow-core doors can be a great solution if you’re on a budget or require a lighter door. Solid-core doors feel more luxurious and are better for insulation and sound dampening.
  • Fire doors: Fire doors aren’t usually required by law, with a few exceptions. However, some homeowners like to install a fire door to improve the safety of their homes. Studies show that certain fire door designs were between 91 and 97% reliable, leading to greater safety in your home. 

Follow the 2024 Trends or Buck Them – You Decide!

Following the current interior door trends is an excellent way to update your home and set the tone of the room from the very first step. This year’s trends offer chic, sophisticated, and elegant options for people with a minimalist home or more daring options for homes with more individual styles.

But, as with any other fashions, bucking the trend can sometimes be the breath of fresh air your home needs. With a vast array of different doors, colors, styles, and hardware to choose from, you needn’t be limited to only what’s in style this year.


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