Why You Should Have A Cold Press Juicer In Your Home?

Cold Press Juicer

Today everyone knows that juices of fruits and vegetables available in the market are an unhealthy option as nutrients like natural fibers are washed out during the process of making juice. To avoid this, we now have cold-pressed juicers instead to enjoy nutrient-dense juices of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juicers work differently as compared to other traditional juicers as they generate a lot of heat. 

Cold press juicer uses a hydraulic press to crush fruits and vegetables and extract juice from them by avoiding the high temperature to ensure all nutrients like vitamins and minerals remain safe. 

Top Reasons To Buy A High-Quality Cold Press Juicer In Your Home

  1. Preserving nutritional value – this juicer works at the slow speed of 35 RPM, ensuring that nutritional value and original flavor can’t get compromised so that more juice can be extracted with minimum pulp. The cold-press juicer is made from BPA-free material ensuring that the juice extracted is free from harmful chemicals. 
  2. Less noisy – Due to the low-speed processor, it creates less noise as compared to other conventional juicers. You can use this cold press juicer anytime you want without disturbing others. 
  3. Zero blockages – The cold press juicer comes with a special reverse action motor which helps in avoiding blockages while extracting juices. It also consists of a smart flow system that mixes the juices thoroughly so that the taste becomes smooth even while mixing different ingredients.  
  4. Easy to handle and clean – Handling and cleaning of cold press juicer is easy and can be done with a single button. It also consists of a safety lock which avoids the running of appliances until all parts are connected properly. 
  5. Eco-friendly packaging – Companies use eco-friendly biodegradable tissue paper and a protective molded pulp for packaging cold press juicers as these are hygienic and don’t have any harmful infections. They avoid packaging materials like plastic bags and polystyrene to make and pack these cold press juicers because these materials are harmful to health. 
  6. High produce-to-yield ratio-  This means more juice will be extracted from your fruits and vegetables as compared to other juicers thus making less waste to remove. 
  7. Available at budget-friendly prices – and the best part is all the features of cold press juicers come at budget-friendly prices with discounts available at online stores. 

 Benefits of juicing using cold press juicers

  • Enhances gut health – using cold press juicers there is no chance of loss of nutrition so nutrient absorption would be high which will help in enhancing your gut health. Juicing fruits and vegetables like kale, and spinach, prebiotics help boost good bacteria which are responsible for good gut health
  • Elimination of inflammation – juicing anti-inflammatory ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and leafy green helps in minimizing inflammation. 
  • Hydrating the body – Many people don’t like to have water. But keeping yourself hydrated is crucial especially in the summer season. Juicing water-rich fruits and vegetables cucumber, celery and watermelon helps in hydrating the body. 
  • Cleaning to improve the immune system – Apart from these things, juicing helps in removing toxins and body waste and minimizes symptoms such as bloating and constipation. 

How To Make Fruit Sorbet With Your Cold Press Juicer

Making all-new fruit sorbet is easy with your cold press juicer. Follow the below steps – 

  • Step 1 – Set up your cold press juicer. 
  • Step 2 – Now, remove the pulp tab from your juicer and place your bowl on top of the motor base. You can do this after cleaning the juicer. 
  • Step 3 – After this, turn on your juicer and start adding pieces of fruit. You can also add some sweeteners you want or some yogurt and after mixing it some time, turn off the juicer and take out your sorbet in a new utensil and enjoy. 

Note: Don’t forget to clean your cold press juicer in normal water. 

How To Make Pumpkin Juice With A MOD Cold Press Juicer

Ingredients required – 

Two pieces of carrots, one-fourth cup of pumpkin, two red apples, half lemon, small ginger, one pinch of cinnamon, and nutmeg. 

Follow the below steps – 

  • First, cut into small pieces lengthwise. 
  • Then, cut the pumpkin into slice form while removing the outer skin and ensure to cut the apples also into cubes. 
  • Remove the yellow layer of the lemon and cut it into pieces. 
  • Combine all of them in your cold press juicer and mix it well. 
  • After juicing, pour into a glass and enjoy. 


Cold press juicer is not a kind of fake product. This highly useful appliance plays a crucial role in maintaining your health. When you start drinking juices consistently via cold press juicer then you will be flabbergasted about how your overall health improves and makes you feel good. Today everyone is so busy with their lives that they hardly focus on their health properly. This cold press juicer is for those individuals who work the night shift particularly or for any individuals who don’t have time for exercise and eat healthily. 


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