Best Games to Play at a Bachelorette Party

Best Games to Play at a Bachelorette Party

Planning a wedding can give you a stressful time. However, the spinster and bachelorette parties give you a way to relax and get rid of all of the stress before entering your married life. People also feel that their bachelorette parties are sorts of their last hurrah in a life of complete independence. Since these parties are a big deal, it is necessary to plan at least a little bit in advance of what exactly people will do once they arrive. It is also a huge responsibility to make sure that everyone including the bride/groom has fun at her bachelorette party. Here is a list of games for the bachelorette party that ensures loads of fun and a quick explanation about playing them.

  1. Best of the Bunch

Make a list of all the favorite things about the bride. For example, favorite color, cuisine, place to visit, musicians, actors, drink, and so on. Once you have a list of these things, ask the friends and find out who knows the bride the best. This game often leads to lots of stories to unfurl and brings in a lot of spice. It gets better when you give people shorter time to answer the question.

  1. Brain Power

Pass out note cards to every single person in the group. Ask them to write their favorite or most memorable moment with the bride/groom. Make people read them out to the bride and the rest of the group to enjoy a night filled with memories. This might seem boring, but it actually brings out many hidden secrets and keeps the chits anonymous. Only the bride or groom knows what it is about and the rest of the people keep guessing who wrote what.

  1. Never Have I Ever

This tops the list of classic games for the bachelorette party. All you need is placards or pieces of paper that read “I have” and “I have never” on each side respectively. Next, each person gets a card and then rotates around asking questions. People then have to answer if they have or have not done that. This is also one of those games that lead to tons and tons of stories explaining why someone has done something or vice versa.

  1. Truth or a Shot

All you need for this game is a bottle of alcohol and a way to choose who goes first. The basic point of the game is that you can either choose to tell the truth about something or avoid the curious conversation by taking an alcoholic shot. If you say it, you reveal truth but if take a shot everyone wants to know what you just hid!

All in all, these games really bring life to a party and can be a great way to entertain the crowd. It also makes memories that the bride and groom cherishes forever. These memories later become great things to talk about and remember good old times. Don’t forget the amazing photographs you need to click on this special day!


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