Top 9 Furniture Design Ideas for Cat Lovers

Furniture Design for Cat Lovers

Cats are essential family members who, like kids, need pampering. As a cat lover looking to pamper your pet, the first thing you should consider is buying them the best furniture. Buying your cat furniture prevents them from ruining things they love playing with, such as seats, curtains, etc. The daunting part when looking to create a unique space for your cat is choosing the right furniture. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to cat furniture options. There are many alternatives to consider, and this article looks into some furniture design ideas for cat lovers.

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1. Cat Condos

Buying a condo for your cat is one of the best things you can do. Cats have retractable claws and love to scratch for different reasons. If you have an indoor cat and you fail to invest in a condo, chances are your cat will scratch on your expensive furniture. Thus, buying a condo is a win for you and your cat.

Cat scratching furniture such as condos are also must-haves for owners of multiple cats. This is because they help keep cats busy, which helps reduce fights. Choose a tall enough condo because cats are natural climbers, and they enjoy heights. Ensure that the condo is sturdy enough for your cat’s safety.

2. Cat Beds

Felines sleep a lot, and they can do it for 12 to 16 hours per day. As a cat lover, one piece of furniture that you need most is a cat bed. If you ask ‘why my cat sleeps on my bed’, you probably haven’t invested in the best cat bed that will ensure your cat sticks to their space.

The best thing is that a cat bed can be homemade. You can read guides and watch tutorials on how to make a cat bed. This can help you make one at little or no cost using old materials. There are only special times when you may need to buy a cat bed made for a specific purpose.

For example, you need to purchase a calming bed if your cat gets anxious all the time. An excellent example of a calming bed for cats is one by The Meowy. But then, it is best to understand what meowy cat is first. Purchasing the perfect bed can make a significant difference in your cat’s well-being.

3. Cat Houses

Another vital piece of furniture that you need to buy for your cat is a house. There are indoor and outdoor cat houses, and you should choose what’s best for your cat. The main aim of cat beds is to provide a private space for your cat to rest and sleep comfortably.

It would be best if you considered the weather when choosing an outdoor cat bed. An ideal bed provides warmth and remains comfortable even in extreme weather conditions. It also needs to be sturdy enough to keep your cat safe from predators, especially when spending nights outside.

4. Cat Gyms

If you want to invest in modern cat furniture, then think about gyms. Kitty gyms serve two primary purposes; they entertain cats and help them exercise. There are different designs of cat gyms that you can consider, but the main aim should be making sure your kitty has endless fun and exercise.

Cats get bored, and it can be great to have something to play with, such as a gym. The good thing is that you can also purchase a cat gym or make one by yourself. You only need to combine different cat furniture from climbing trees, scratching posts, towers, condos, toys, etc., to make one.

5. Cat Wall Shelves

There are also cat wall furniture options you can use to customize your cat’s kingdom. Cat wall shelves are a great example of such furniture that your cats will love. Remember, cats love heights and feel secure in high places such as trees. Wall shelves mimic such high places.

Wall shelves for cats also come with lots of potential health benefits. The fact that cats have to climb to get there helps them exercise physically. It is also great for their mental well-being because they feel relaxed and safe while in high places.

6. Cat Perches

You can also make your cat happier and healthier by adding a wall perch to their furniture collection. Cat perches provide the heights that cats need to feel safe. As mentioned earlier, cat wall furniture like perches will also help keep your cat away from your bookshelf or expensive furniture.

It would help if you were careful when choosing a cat perch for your feline friend. Ensure it is wide enough to support your cat and will be easy to mount to the wall. Do not forget to order more than one perch if you have multiple cats.

7. Scratching Posts

Another piece of furniture to consider for your cat is a scratching post. If you do not have one, your cat may make your couch their favorite scratching post. You need to carefully pick a scratching post that is tall enough depending on your cat’s height, and it should also be sturdy.

The material also needs to be one that they can scratch without a problem. There should be a variety of scratching spaces on the post, both horizontally and vertically. Investing in a scratching post is as good as protecting your expensive furniture.

8. Cat Litter Box

A litter box is one of the essential furnishings that should never be missed in a household with cats. If you need a clean environment, invest in a litter box and train your cat to use it. A litter box needs to have an excellent design for your cat to like and adapt to it.

Cat litter box furniture comes in different designs. For example, you can choose between a covered and uncovered litter box. The choice will depend on your cat’s behavior. Other cat litter box designs also clean automatically, saving you valuable time.

 9. Cat Trees

Another piece of cat furniture that you should invest in a cat tree. Cat trees come with different heights and perches that cats enjoy climbing on and sleeping in. This helps them exercise and relieve stress whenever they feel bored and are therefore worth investing in as a cat owner.

Cat beds also help to ensure that your cat is always active. They also provide cats with different scratching points and can be an alternative if you do not have a scratching post. As said earlier, cat trees also provide the heights that cats enjoy and feel safe in, making them must-haves.


Those are some of the best cat furniture designs that you can consider for your cat. As mentioned earlier, the options are endless, and you need to consider what your cat’s needs are to find the best. The primary aim should be to provide your cat with its own space.

Purchasing cat furniture may have looked complicated, but it won’t be if you keep these insights in mind. It is also worth noting that the variety of furniture options available in the market fit different budgets. Keep your home décor in mind when choosing cat furniture to avoid causing a mismatch.


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