Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating: Know-Hows For Concerned Pet Parents!

Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating

Anyone who owns a dog would want to keep their pet happy. We all know how much dogs love to wander around. But the question here is when can you take your dog out? Is it possible to take your dog for a walk just 30 minutes after eating? Or what time would be the best or most suitable for taking a dog for a walk? If you don’t know all this or are a new pet parent, this information is really important to know. So, without any hesitation let’s jump straight into the points. We will try to answer all the questions relating to Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating and more! Keep up with the blog to find out the answers!

Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating

Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating?

If your dog has just finished its meal, let it take some rest and regain its energy. Since dogs have a very weak digestive system, that is, very different from humans and takes time to digest their food. They need to regain the power to go for a walk. Since once the dog is taken outside for a walk, they become hyperactive, try to run, and also would jump a lot. That will lead to digestive problems and other related issues. We are going to discuss the issues in the later part of the blog.

Initially, you should wait at least 2 hours before taking out your dog for a walk. They would have digested their food and can move freely and enjoy their time outside when for a walk. Any kind of activity that makes your dog excited can be harmful immediately after eating.

Is it possible to feed my dog after the walk?

Yes, it is very much possible to feed your dog after the walk. Why is it that you can feed your dog after a walk but cannot take your dog out for a walk after eating? This is because the dog will exhaust all its energy once eaten and needs to regain its energy. Then it can easily come back and eat its meal. This will help your dog to regain energy and also help in better digestion of the food. So, you can always bring your dog back from an active walking session or play session and give them food to chunk onto.

Why my Dog should not go out for a walk after eating?

We have discussed with you earlier also that dogs have a very different digestive system than human beings. It is simply related to this reason itself. If the dog moves around a lot or starts jumping or playing around in the house or garden, they can easily feel bloated in their stomach. This is the very reason that you should not take your dog to walk as well.

Another disease that can lead to this is GDV which occurs after immediate movement of walking your dog after eating. This GDV is something that can lead to a medical emergency for a dog. Ensure your dog does not move around a lot after eating and relax.

Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating

What is GDV in Dogs?

GDV is also known as Gastric Dilation and Volvulus. It is a disease seen mostly in dogs. It is what you can call to be a later stage of bloating. In this, your dog will feel an upset stomach. Air gets trapped in the stomach which stops digestion. It can become a very critical issue and immediately you should take your dog to a vet.

Symptoms to be noted when my dog is suffering from GDV

You should be taking very close care of your dog as it can lead to a critical emergency. Dogs are really sensitive and just like babies when needed to be taken care of. So, even you should take care closely at the same time.

  1. You will be able to notice that your dog is having an increase in its heart rate. They would begin to pace up and down when affected in such a way.
  2. A very common effect of bloating can be seen. That is, you will see that the abdomen size has seen to increase. The enlargement originally is caused because of GDV.
  3. A change in breath could also be seen. This would go unnoticed by you as well. If you are really close to your dog, you would know the sense of their breath. Either their speed of inhaling or exhaling would decrease or increase.
  4. There are times when your dog might faint. Here, you should take the step and take them to a vet immediately.
  5. We all know dog drool. But in the case of GDV, the dog might start having excessive drooling. This is another symptom that you should keep in check.
  6. Your dog might end up with a high temperature. Keep the fever in check and call the vet if you see no changes within some time.
  7. Your dog would feel uneasiness throughout the entire time. It would feel like throwing up but cannot do it easily. Thus, making them suffer more and more.

Do all Dogs suffer the same?

No. This actually depends on the breed of the dog or the potential of the dog. Each definitely doesn’t have the same fate. If your dog is bigger in size or has a larger chest size, it might suffer from GDV.

Which Breeds Are Most Likely to Suffer GDV?

Though it can happen to any dog depending on their activity, the breed that is most likely to suffer GDV are –

  1. Great Danes
  2. Greyhounds
  3. Irish Setters
  4. German Shepherds

Are there any other things that can affect my dog if taken 30 minutes after eating?

There are some other things that you would get to notice. Let us give you a small brief about it –

  1. Your dog might feel too heated after walking or exercising just after finishing eating. That heated body temperature is not good for the health of your dog.
  2. When roaming outside, dogs tend to take different objects in their mouth. That can be unhygienic or make them upset stomach as well. And if your dog has eaten just before that, you will find see them pacing around more as well.
  3. You will find that your dog has a heavy stomach. The chest size would have increased and that is due to inflammation. Air must be trapped inside that would block the digestion of your dog.

Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating

Can Dogs Eat after Exercising?

Again, it becomes a very tricky question. All dogs are not the same and each breed has their own way of survival skills. But practically saying, you should wait for some time before you feed your dog. Exercising takes up a lot of energy and can make your dog feel a bit low on energy. They might also feel light-headed. Instead, you can provide your dog with water to regain some of its energy back. This will help them to relax and rest too. After an hour and a half, you can feed them their meal and let them rest around. Ensure to restrict movement to prevent bloating.

Conclusive Insights

With this, we have come to the end of our blog – Can I Walk My Dog 30 Minutes After Eating! You must have learned a lot of new things through the help of the blog. We have tried to keep the information up to the required knowledge. Hopefully, you must have found the answer to your question as well. In case, you see your dog struggling in any way, take the required steps and immediately take them to a vet. Dogs can be really sensitive just like babies. Since they cannot talk like humans, we as their friends should understand them better and help them out. Also, share this blog with other pet owners too!


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