10 Must Haves For the Perfect Dog Friendly Holiday


Looking for the perfect holiday with your beloved dog? A place that not only allows dogs but welcomes them with open arms? What’s not to love about adventures with your favourite furry sidekick when the alternative is expensive kennels and a sad pup.

So, whether you’re off to get sandy paws at the beach, or leaving paw prints along a mountain path, there are a few things you should check for first, like whether your dog is allowed in most areas and whether the accommodation is dog friendly!

Before you book, here are a few things to check first. You don’t want to end up without a dog friendly pub in walking distance, or with an unsecured garden for your dog to escape from! For the perfect dog friendly getaway, here are our 10 must haves.

1.Truly Dog Friendly Accommodation

Although you’ll likely find some hotels and cottages that accept doggy guests, they may place restrictions on your stay as a result. Take the time to find the truly dog friendly cottages in the area you’re visiting. There are some incredible places out there that specifically cater for dogs. Pawsome!

2.Local Dog Friendly Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants

Chances are, you’re going to eat out at least once while you’re away. And there’s no way you’re leaving your best fur bud behind while you’re experiencing the local ale. It’s always worth researching where the nearest dog friendly establishments are to your holiday cottage. Ideally within walking or close driving range, check the websites to make sure your dog will be welcomed to join you. Your dog friendly holiday provider should be able to offer this information for you too.

3.Dog Friendly Beaches and Walks

What do you and your dog just love doing together? If you have a playful pup that just loves to swim, there are some wonderful dog friendly beaches, rivers and lakes to choose from. Or, if long country walks are more your thing, find a dog friendly holiday cottage close to public footpaths through the fields. For history buffs, English Heritage sites are known to allow dogs at many of their historical sites, just check beforehand as there are some restrictions.

4.Multi-Dog Friendly Holidays

We mentioned that some holiday providers seemingly welcome dogs but can place restrictions on your stay. One of those can be the number of dogs allowed, with many holiday cottages only catering for one or two dogs or dogs of certain sizes. If you’re part of a pack, find yourself a multi-dog friendly holiday provider that places zero restrictions on the number of dogs that are welcome.

5.Beware the Extra Doggy Fees

Watch out! What may seem like a dog friendly holiday cottage might catch you out with extra charges per dog and even damage deposits.

Luckily, you won’t have to look far for the authentically dog friendly holidays where you know your dogs will be warmly welcome without the unwanted extra doggy fees!

6.A Safe and Secure Dog Friendly Garden

This is one that is sometimes overlooked. We’re used to having a secure garden for our dogs at home so it can be easy to forget to check whether our holiday home also has an enclosed garden, or whether the fence height is enough for our bouncier pooches. Good dog friendly holiday providers will offer information on the garden situation, so you can sit back and relax in the sunshine without the worry.

7.Reactive Dog Friendly Rated

Reactive dog friendly ratings offer handy guidelines for owners of reactive dogs on whether the property is close to loud noises, passing traffic and anything else that you need to know. Knowing your pup won’t be disturbed by bird scarers or road noise can make all the difference to your reactive dog’s comfort and happiness while on holiday, so be sure to check these ratings on your holiday provider’s website.

8.Dog Friendly Information

Before you book, check what there is to do in the area where your dog can join you. Hopefully, you won’t need to search the internet for this and your dog friendly holiday cottage provider can lend a paw and give you all the information you need on local dog friendly places to visit and eat at, fence heights, local vet details and even personal recommendations.

9. 5 Star Ratings

See what other people have to say. Browse through online reviews of your chosen holiday provider and get a taste for what was good, what wasn’t, and what dogs loved best about it. It could sway you either way but you can’t go wrong with a host of five star reviews.

10.Extra Special Touches

You know you’ve chosen well when you arrive at your dog friendly holiday cottage to a warm welcome. Look out for those that offer special touches that can make all the difference for you and your dog, like useful welcome packs, handy extras like doggy bedding and some cheeky dog treats.


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