Tips For Marketing Your Antiques Business Through SEO

Antiques Business Through SEO

If you’re in the antiques business, you will already know how competitive things are right now. Just like other industries or sectors, your antiques business can benefit greatly from SEO. Good SEO is all about focusing on specifics and as every business is unique in so many ways, this demands a bespoke solution.

Here are a few SEO tips to make your antiques business more visible.

    • Local SEO – Antiques are extremely valuable, and people won’t buy if they can’t physically examine the piece. You need to focus your efforts on the local community for the best results. Talk to the SEO company in Perth or in the city you’re located and see what they can do for you. With a professional team in your corner, you will be able to target the right people. There’s a lot to search engine optimisation and keyword research is essential to discover the most popular search terms being used by the online consumer.
    • Community Integration – Everyone is online these days so you should be striving to create an impact on many different digital platforms. One of the first things the SEO firm does is perform an audit to determine exactly what your online profile looks like. Through this, they can put together an aggressive and on-point digital marketing plan that is designed around your business. Once the plan is implemented, the SEO specialists closely monitor web traffic and analyse the performance with the aim of tweaking things to achieve an even better result.


  • Social Media – If you were not aware that your social media accounts are very powerful marketing platforms, you are now. Establish a presence in many social media groups and take professional images of featured pieces, while also giving free advice to users regarding all aspects of the antique field. Building a social media following takes time. If you enlist the help of a small business local SEO company, they would be happy to put their social media team in charge of all your pages and do their magic.



  • Attending Antiques Fairs – SEO can actually help with this by using technology to keep track of all up and coming fairs and auctions. With notifications, you won’t miss any of the promising events. If you join forces with a local SEO firm, this will ensure that you penetrate all of the digital platforms that potential customers use. Plus, you can make good use of apps like Line and Skype to communicate with clients. When someone is selling antiques, you can use video calls to have a virtual inspection of the piece in question. If you like what you see, you can book a viewing and maybe make an offer.


It takes time to forge a good reputation in any business, especially the world of antiques. However, with a reliable SEO firm in your corner, you will stand out from your competitors. Using a structured approach, SEO specialists can drive traffic to your website as well as cementing your position within the local community.


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