4 Unique Healing Crystals And Their Best Uses

Unique Healing Crystals

Incorporating crystals into rituals have long been practiced by ancient people. However, today, the use of crystals has become a rising trend. With celebrities and digital influencers raving about their favorite stones, more people are becoming interested in the power and healing energy emitted by these. In this article, you will get to know about unique healing crystals and their best uses.

What Are Healing Crystals?

Crystal healing is a term that describes a certain form of therapy that incorporates placing gemstones around you. Primarily, these crystals may help clear out negative energy and radiate positivity into the atmosphere. Apart from this, they also have multiple uses that can benefit a wide scope of individuals.

Apart from media influence, the use of healing gemstones has become popular because of people wanting to become more proactive in taking care of themselves. Taking care of your well-being isn’t limited to exercising, consuming wholesome meals, or applying skincare products. Apart from its physical facet, self-care calls for maintaining mental wellness and emotional balance.

The Basics In Using Healing Crystals

There are numerous ways to maximize your healing crystals. You can hold them while you meditate. You can also slip them into your pocket as they’re claimed to be great healing companions. Alternatively, you can place them in certain areas of your house. 

Moreover, choosing the right crystal for you is essential. You can’t simply pick the most popular one and purchase it right away. To witness its benefits, you need to identify your intentions and dedicate your time to understanding and honing its energy. 

If you’re still in the middle of stone shopping, consider the following unique healing crystals and their best uses.

  1. Septarian

Septarian is a gemstone molded by a combination of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone, and white or clear barite. Because it’s made up of various minerals, the gemstone has a diverse set of qualities and uses. 

Septarian is commonly used to support patience and eliminate toxicity in the surroundings. Considering this, freely place your septarian in your home office. This is one of the unique healing crystals that come in handy when you’re in the middle of high-pressure situations. 

Septarian is claimed to provide harmony among your mind, body, and spirit, resulting in clarity and confidence. This can then translate to a better work attitude, helping you efficiently tackle one task to the next.

2. Selenite

The selenite is a perfect gift for people who are having a difficult time managing both work and recreation. It’s for individuals who are drained and have gradually lost vigor to enjoy their life.

Selenite is the best healing crystal for replenishing exhausted souls, clearing out negative vibes, and surrounding yourself with much-needed tranquility. You can use this during bath times as you listen to relaxing music. However, be careful as selenite dissolves quickly in water. 

Alternatively, you can utilize this as a wand around your body to help absorb all the bad energy and draw them away. You can also place this in living areas to clear out the negative atmosphere and introduce a calming flow of vibration.

3. Clear Quartz

The quartz transparent features are said to amplify whatever you pour into it. Considering this, you need to be intentional with how you use this stone. Commonly, it helps in manifesting healing, good energy, wisdom, growth, and more. 

For the dreamers and go-getters, it helps silent external distractions. Consequently, this helps you achieve mental clarity, helping you fix your focus in accomplishing your goals. This enhanced awareness can also help you identify the things that you value most. All these can renew your life perspective and affect how you approach problems.

With its ability to store and regulate amplified energy, try to place your clear quartz near windows or on the patio. This helps your stone absorb solar energy and radiate this through zeal and positivity. 

5. Rose Quartz

Apart from its pretty color, what makes rose quartz unique is its ability to foster unconditional, self-love. It’s best used for healing meditations, going for retreat trips, bath rituals, and other similar activities. 

Hence, if you’re still patching up mistakes in the past or stuck in emotional turmoil, rose quartz may help you. This pale, pinkish gemstone is the most recommended healing crystal when manifesting self-love, appreciation, and worth. You can place this beside your bed as this may help enhance the quality of your sleep. 

Moreover, rose quartz is said to ease up the process of reconciliation. This may help bring a sense of peace and contentment with where you currently are in life. Likewise, this may help manifest the potential for new relationships.

Final Thoughts

You may have high expectations with your healing crystals. However, take note that for you to relish their benefits, you need to work with them. You need to identify their strengths and find ways to maximize their energy. By following the guide above, you can easily determine the right healing gemstone that matches your personal needs and preferences.



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