Reasons Why You are Always Feeling Tired

feeling always tired

Despite going to bed early and even sleeping in later, you may find that you’re still unable to wake feeling rested. You’re relying on coffee more than anything else to get you through the day. Perhaps you even wake to find yourself in pain. Waking up in pain can be a result of a bad mattress. As time goes on, your mattress can start to deflate and become less supportive. This positions your spine and neck in an uncomfortable placement. As a result, you wake up experiencing pain and feeling as though you hardly slept. Changing your mattress could be a great way to promote better sleeping habits. That and many other reasons could be behind why you’re not feeling well-rested when you wake up in the morning.

1. Poor Mattress

If you wake up and experience either a headache, neck ache, or a backache immediately, then it’s likely because of your mattress. Certain kinds of mattresses can’t support weight over time. A dip can form in the mattress where the bulk of your weight rests every night. This dip can cause your spine to rest in an uncomfortable position. Once your spine is out of alignment, it can cause a series of problems for the rest of your body.

Your neck is quick to follow. Without properly supporting your head, you can wake up with a severe neck ache and headache. While flipping your mattress is always an option, the same problem will arise with it over time. Instead of just flipping your mattress, it may be time to elevate your needs.

Memory foam mattresses can be a great solution for those who wake up in pain. The secret behind their success is their ability to form to your shape perfectly. They don’t lose their shape either. As you settle into bed and fall asleep, the mattress forms around you. It supports your spine and neck rather than succumb to it. As a result, you wake up feeling refreshed and comfortable.

Memory foam mattresses also have great durability. They last longer than standard mattresses. You can buy a memory foam mattress and be set for several years before it’s time to freshen up the bed with a new one. It’s a great investment monetarily and for your own personal wellness.

2. Not Eating Right

Another reason that you might not be feeling rested is because of your diet. Certain foods and drinks that you ingest before bed could be affecting the quality of sleep that you receive. Spicy foods, for example, could be giving you heartburn or acid reflux. Despite your best intentions, your throat and stomach could be keeping you awake or keeping your body from fully falling asleep.

Certain alcohols can also promote insomnia. You may feel as though you’re relaxed and ready to sleep, but alcohol like wine, for example, can actually keep your mind awake. You may also be tempted to have a cup of coffee when you return home from work. While you may believe that the coffee will wear off before bed, that isn’t always the case. Coffee can remain in your system for some time. To ensure that you’re giving yourself the best possible sleep, you should drink only water before bed. You should also try to eat a mostly veggie-filled dinner or snacks just before bed. This makes digestion easy, so your body can focus on falling asleep rather than breaking down food.

3. Stress

One of the biggest reasons that people have difficulty sleeping or wake up feeling tired is because of stress. There are many reasons behind stress. It can be due to work, family, relationships, or even spiritual crises. Whatever the reason behind your stress, it’s keeping you awake. Your mind cannot fully shut down if you’re stressed. A part of you is always focused on it. Stress is also draining. Even if you manage to completely fall asleep, you may wake up and all of your energy might be delegated to stressing. Try to remove those stressors or incorporate health stress-reducing habits to promote sleep.

There are many reasons behind unrestful sleep. These reasons can often relief with a good mattress.



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