The Best Tips to Save Your Wedding Day Memories to Relish Them Forever

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The day you hold your partner’s hand and say ‘I do’ is a once in a lifetime memory that you want to preserve for a lifetime. You want to relive the wedding moments with your partner even when the time fades away, and you get older. Growing old with your cherished memories – especially your big day moments – is a heartwarming experience that allows us to fill our lives with enthralling vibes of happy memories. That’s why you should preserve the wedding moments by every possible means. The moment you bought your wedding dress, walked down the aisle, held each other’s hand, and tossed the bouquet – it’s all worth preserving.

Yes, making a wedding album is one way to secure all these memories – but not the only one. Preserving other wedding items, including guest book, bouquet, cake topper, gown, and stationery is also essential for keeping the whole wedding day closer to your eyes and memory. So, here are some ways to save your ‘I do’ moments in the best possible way:

Frame Your Wedding Gown:

Mostly we put our wedding gown in a box and place it at the bottom of the closet. Initially, we check it out frequently, but as time passes, we hardly get time to see it. And after many years we take it out only to witness that time has left its mark on the gown, and it is no more new and lovely.

If you don’t want to witness such a heart-breaking moment, then frame your gown! This way, your dress will be saved from fraying, and you will also get a thrilling throwback to your big day every time you will pass by the frame.

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Canvas Print the Best Moment:

We try to hire the best photographer to get the most unique, mesmerizing, and buzz-worthy wedding photoshoot. But let’s admit that the fate of our wedding album is usually to sit at the bottom of the cabinet, which we hardly get time to see. So, it is better to go for canvas printing of your couple of most memorable wedding moments along with making a photo album. You will not have to dive at the bottom of your cabinet every time you feel like recalling the moment you wore the ring or danced the night away. It will be right in front of your eyes in the form of a beautiful canvas printing from 365Canvas.

Make a Replica of Cake:

Unlike gown, shoes or bouquet, you can’t preserve your wedding cake forever. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep it as a memory. Pictures can’t capture the actual essence of the beautiful wedding cake. So, you can hire someone to make a replica of your cake with a clay. Yes, there are people dedicated to helping you preserve your wedding cake’s memory. Though you wouldn’t be able to eat it, you can try to recall its taste in your mind while looking at its replica.

Make a Wedding Bouquet Necklace:

Just like other wedding items, the wedding bouquet is also worth preserving. It accompanies you while you are walking down the aisle and stays with you when you are saying vows. So, you should preserve this beautiful companion in the form of the resin pendant necklace so that you can forever keep it close to your heart, practically.

So, now you know how you can preserve your wedding day’s items to make your wedding day memory as beautiful as the day itself. Do secure your items because this moment will never come back, make sure to have its memory!


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