5 Benefits Of Using An Adjustable Bed For Sleep


With the busy lives people live, getting a good night’s sleep often feels like a distant luxury. Things like pain, discomfort and restlessness may easily get in the way of quality sleep, causing individuals to feel tired and agitated the next day.

While there are many techniques you can try to improve sleep quality, you may be forgetting the most important thing of it all – the bed.

The truth is the bed alongside the mattress plays a significant role in the sleep you are getting at night. Although traditional beds do a fine job in achieving this, you may want to consider investing in an adjustable bed to optimize your sleep.

This type of bed allows you to alter the sleeping position to fit your comfort needs precisely. This ultimate customization means that adjustable beds offer plenty of health benefits that can improve your overall well-being.

Here are five advantages you get from sleeping on an adjustable bed.

Decreases back pain

Decreased back pain is one of the greatest benefits you get from sleeping on an adjustable bed. This is because the features of the bed allow you to customize it in the sleeping position that best serves your spine so you can reduce the pressure on your back.

Because the mattress can also contribute to alleviating back pain, you should look for a specially designed, high-quality mattress for adjustable bed to promote healthy spinal alignment. For example, a memory foam mattress is ideal as it conforms to your body providing pressure-point relief, thus reducing aches.

Remedy for sleep apnea and snoring

People who suffer from sleep apnea, snoring or other similar breathing issues are often advised to sleep with their heads elevated. However, stacking several pillows while the rest of the body remains flat on the bed can be very discomforting and adversely affect your sleep.

The good news is these issues can be easily resolved with an adjustable bed as its features allow you to elevate the top of your body to a position that is comfortable for you. This will help improve airflow and reduce obstructions from the nasal passages which will consequently allow for a healthier, uninterrupted sleep. (wordingvibes.com)

Lessen acid reflux and heartburn

While the body sleeps, digestion and other food processing functions continue to operate. However, if you are lying flat on a surface with a full stomach, there is a great possibility that your digestion may be interrupted. The food can easily come back up, resulting in heartburn and indigestion.

With an adjustable bed, you can easily lessen such acid reflux and heartburn. All you have to do is incline the bed to 6-8 inches to allow smooth digestion of food while you sleep. This is especially helpful during pregnancy when these symptoms can be a major sleep disruptor.

Improves blood circulation

Part of getting a night of good quality sleep is keeping your body’s circulatory system in prime condition. If you wake up with numb, tingly or painful legs, then you may not have enough circulation at night. Not only can this be bad for your legs, but it may also affect your heart and cause major fatigue in the morning.

With an adjustable bed, you can instantly improve your blood circulation by raising the bottom half of the bed to send blood back to your heart and allow for increased blood flow to the entire body.

Enhances lifestyle

Another great benefit you get from sleeping on an adjustable bed is that it can help you enhance your lifestyle. Whether you are staying in bed to rest and recover or just like to read before going to sleep, an adjustable bed can provide you with greater comfort levels. You can position the bed according to your needs to enhance comfort and take away back, neck or shoulder pain.

Also, an adjustable bed increases independence as it helps people get into and out of bed without help by lifting the mattress off the frame and adjusting the base.


Final thoughts

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep should never be overlooked. One of the best ways to do that is with the help of an adjustable bed which can be customized according to your personal needs to optimize your sleep.

From improved blood circulation and digestion to decreased pain symptoms and lightening leg swelling, adjustable beds offer plenty of health benefits besides greater comfort levels.

To find out more about these advantages, refer back to our guide and learn how adjustable beds can improve your sleep quality and your overall well-being.


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