Had Enough Of Hangovers? Here’s How A Night Out Should Be!

Hangovers booze on the bar of liquor

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Have you had enough of feeling awful after a night out? As we get older, the hangovers hit harder and last longer. And, hangovers aside, there are the things we get up to when we’re drunk. Who hasn’t made a mistake after having one too many tequilas? Well, say goodbye to nights like that. It’s time to make a change. Do you want to wake up feeling fresh and ready to go, knowing you haven’t made any bad decisions? Okay, fresh and ready to go might be an exaggeration. Even so, it’s possible to make yourself feel a lot healthier. You just need to follow these simple steps!


Pacing your drinks is essential to ensuring your night goes well. If you drink too heavily, your night is going to end sooner. You know how it goes; you end up with your head down the toilet an hour later, and that’s the end of it. Pacing your drinks also means you’re less likely to lose control. This doesn’t say that you have to nurse one drink all night. It just means you should wait at least an hour between drinks. That way, you can reach a comfortable level of drunk without pushing yourself over the edge. If you’re trying to keep up with your friends, you can achieve some level of pacing by alternating between one alcohol drink, and one drink of water. Your friends may not understand what you’re doing, but you’ll be laughing in the morning. The main reason for hangovers is dehydration. Keeping yourself hydrated will stop you getting too drunk, and hold off that hangover.


You’re a beautiful woman, so it’s no surprise men approach you on a night out. It’s flattering to have a man approach from across the room. Even so, love does not start in a nightclub. There may be rare cases of people meeting their soul mates when drunk, but it doesn’t happen often. For the most part, the men you meet when you’re out on the lash are not going to be keepers. Though the alcohol will be flowing, it’s important to keep your head about you the next time you meet a man in a club. Take a step back and assess the situation. You may think flirting is harmless, but there’s no saying you’ll be able to stop there. If something does happen, act sensibly the next day. Go for priority STD testing and emergency contraception!


When the night is over, never walk home alone. The chances are it’ll be late, and alcohol will be blurring your sense of danger. It’s worth booking a taxi home before you go out. Though it’s not nice to have a set time you have to leave by, this will ensure you get home safely. To save money, and find safety in numbers, take that taxi with friends. You’ll be able to see each other off without having to worry!


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