Modern Space, Modern Living

Modern Space, Modern Living

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If you dream of the ultimate minimalist home you’ve probably questioned how on earth one could achieve such precise, simplistic living in the crazy world we live in today! We’ve got some simple tips to help you live a very modern life, in a very modern way.

The art of minimalist living is to clear everything of unnecessary clutter and give the base of your room a completely neutral feel.  Most people opt to do this with white as the bare bones.  White is the cheapest option however it will throw up every single dirty mark you can imagine although it is very easy to repaint or just to touch up.  The reason it is so popular for the minimal look is because it looks clinical and bright.  It is a fantastic way of improving the light of a space and making a small room look larger.  

There are clever ways of hiding away the things you don’t want on display in your home.  Clever storage solutions hidden behind sliding doors work well.  They give the illusion of a smooth bare wall but the added value of not having to live with nothing! A good example are these incredible under stair storage solutions here.

A messy house is not going to work if you want that Scandinavian cool so if your life is a little hectic and you prefer to sit down and chill after work over putting the marigolds on, consider employing a cleaner.  Companies like Domestic One offer all kinds of services and whilst hiring someone in to do your cleaning for you may seem like an extravagance, it is actually quite affordable.

Consider textures over colours if you want to really make a minimal statement.  White cushions made of silk, sitting alongside those made from white leather gives you a luxury feel without distracting the eye too much.  Faux Sheep skins rugs can give a depth to your space and add a cosy to feel to what could be seen as too striped back for comfort.

Make the most of wireless technology to reduce the amount of cables you have running from TV’s to audio units and consider employing a qualified Electrician to head over and move sockets to more discrete areas.  

Wall art should be delicate, using mirrors framed in white will help bounce even more light around your room and increases the feeling of space.  Although quite often in a minimalist home you will find statement pieces.  One or two bright, impact items which will stand out and sing amongst the single tone.  You could consider a really colourful large canvas on one wall or even a quirky shelving unit in bright pink.  Colour will zing in a minimalist room so air a little on the cautious side.

And finally, it makes sense that to truly live a minimal life you need to clear away all the stress in your mind too.  So use your surroundings to inspire you to take up yoga or meditation and really live a simplistic, clean life!


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