Top 10 Reasons to Change Jobs and Why They Matter

Top 10 Reasons to Change Jobs and Why They Matter

Why top 10 reasons to change jobs when there can be 100? But the point here is not the number game but the outcome you should get. Why you want to change your job is clear to you. But it isn’t often that you can tell your next employer the real deal.

Again, you can have 100 reasons to hate your current job, but not one that you can tell. Yup! The corporate world is harsh, and it needs us to play smart.

Today I am going to give you top 10 reasons to change jobs and this will answer two thing for you:

  • It will give you reasons to tell your next employer
  • It will reassure you’re making the right decision

Wait no more as it is time to scroll down and get the right ways to crack the next interview.

Top 10 reasons to change jobs

You may have been looking for a change due to personal development or a work crisis. But analyzing the situation is very important to take a wise decision.

The below points will help you find the answer to your questions about whether job change reason for leaving the organization is valid. You would have read about the best answer for reason for job change in interview Quora has, but this will help you with better answers.

Let’s get into the top 10 reasons to change jobs without further delay.

1. Work-life balance

Being a workaholic is alright to an extent. When work starts hampering your mental health and bothering your personal space, it is a valid job change reason.

If you spend the entire day at work and just come home to eat and sleep,  your brain is a ticking bomb that might soon explode.

You have 24hrs in a day. Now 8hrs is for your sleep and 8-9 hours for work. The rest 6-7 hours should be entitled to you and your family.

If your work schedule starts entering any other area, be it your sleep or me time, it is a reason for change.

Having a balanced work-life is essential for a healthy work environment and you. Of course, there could be a workload and exceptions sometime. But if this gets regular, you should look for better alternatives.

You cannot be taking the pressure and lose your personal space. Sleep, as well as personal time, is essential for a happy, healthy lifestyle. If you have a family with kids, spending time with them should be your utmost priority. You cannot miss this as they will grow up pretty soon, and you’ll regret it your entire life.

2. Monotony

If you have a job that makes your life regular, you deserve a life that keeps challenging you and throws surprises at you. A job that is monotonous and doesn’t have any excitement might bore you every day.

Using your skills and abilities is very important when you start working. But what is the use if there is no satisfaction?

Hence this is when you have the sign to switch. You deserve to grow and achieve your goals. So, doing monotonous work will not help you.

It would be best if you were in a place where you learn new things and improve your expertise.

Top 10 Reasons to Change Jobs

3. Change in career path

Sometimes you join a job where you want to try your hands, and after some time, you realize you want to be in some other field.

Changing your career path means starting from scratch again. If you are ready and have made up your mind, you want to explore a new side of work life.

Something you are not interested in will not take you far. Hence, start working on the area where you want to build your future.

For example, if you are a banker and realize that you want to change your career to Human Resources. What should you do? First, check for any opportunities for you in the same firm. If not, you may look for a change.

4. Politics at workplace

A victim of office politics who cannot make their way out will have a hard life. While this should not be encouraged, it happens in every organization.

Sometimes it is bearable and does not impact what you do. But when it gets into your mental health, you should know how to fight it or getaway.

If the work politics gets onto you, it can make your life a living hell. Beware of such situations and complain against it if you become a victim. If your HR does not support you, and your seniors ignore you, it might be a good reason for change.

5. Work culture

You spend almost half of time at work, so the environment you stay in impact you. A healthy work culture is what we all deserve.

Signs of good work culture encourages and inspires you to grow professionally. Achieving the organization’s goal is important, but you must also see if your goals are respected. Most importantly, there should be respect, integrity, and gratitude.

You cannot work in this environment if an organization doesn’t increase your morale but brings it down. There should be clarity of roles; you need to know what your job is and how it will affect your performance. The clarity will help you grow further and go closer to your vision.

Top 10 Reasons to Change Jobs

6. Rewards and appreciation

You expect something in return when you work for something, and that’s not always money.

Sometimes you go out of your way to finish a task, but no one notices and you feel disheartened. It is natural to feel that way because even after giving your best, you aren’t getting your reward.

Rewards and recognition are very important reasons to stay or leave a company. For example, there was an emergency where you had to handle a team of 50 on consecutive weekends to finish the workload. You finished the load by giving up your weekends for a few months. But at the time of promotion, your efforts were overlooked.

If something like that happens, you must talk to your manager and get what you deserve, or you must look for something that values you and your work.

7. Better pay

With the market getting so competitive, you must see the best option available. The prices for everything are getting high every day, and to afford a good lifestyle, you must have a sustainable income stream.

Appraisal is a basic need that everyone deserves with expertise. However, if you think your salary has been stagnant for long, it is time for you to speak up and ask for more.

Receiving what you deserve will make you work more efficiently, and the right people will consider your contributions. Your skills and abilities require appropriate guidance and recognition for a better future.

So, if you get a better offer compared to your current CTC, why would you mind taking up a new job?

8. Personal reasons

There may be times when you need to change your jobs because of some personal reasons. The reason could be anything illness, mental wellbeing, issues at home, etc.

For example, if you get married, and your spouse gets a better opportunity than both of you in a different state, what do you do? If you are okay doing long-distance to focus on individual careers, it makes sense. But if you want to have family time, either one of you needs to compromise. You might have to leave your current job, move with your spouse, and then find a new job in the new location.

Leaving the current job due to personal reasons could be a valid reason for change only if it’s that serious. You obviously don’t want a career gap when issues are manageable.

Maintaining good rapport with your employer is important. If your employer understands your issues, they can help you in your future endeavors. Also, if you want to rejoin, you can if you have valid grounds. Remember, you must have good work etiquette to quickly get back after a career gap.

9. Non-cooperative coworkers

Living in an environment where people don’t like you or talk to you could be a lot to deal with. Though you are just going to work, the workplace is where you spend most of your time.

You need people to talk to and spending coffee breaks or eating lunch alone (while others don’t) will make you feel sad.

Seeing people who give you the cold shoulder is disappointing. It hampers your efficiency at work and also your mental health. You bring the frustration back home, thinking about why people don’t like you or why aren’t they including you.

Feeling left out could be miserable. So, if you think you have been trying hard to get yourself accepted, it might be time to leave. But always consider how your works speaks of you. At the end of the day, your employer will credit your productivity, and if you excel there, no one can overshadow you.

Top 10 Reasons to Change Jobs

10. Increasing your knowledge

The most interesting of all top 10 reasons to change jobs is this one.

Let’s say you have started your career with an organization as an analyst. After spending 2-3 years in this firm, you realize you have reached the mastery of an analyst.

All these years, you have learned everything you could. Starting from training to certifications, you have done it all.

Now what’s next?

If you have a thirst for knowledge, you will look for opportunities that give you a chance to learn more. Firstly, you must check out all the options available in the current organization if there is any scope to learn and grow.

If you find nothing, then it’s time for you to look for something that interests you. If you want to study further or join an MNC with a bigger scope where you can learn more, you must go for it. There are even organizations that can sponsor your courses for you. Isn’t that amazing?

When do you not leave the job?

The above reasons will help you in taking the decision to leave your current job. But there are a few things you must keep in mind before you make your choice. Leaving his job is quite easy, but getting one could be challenging:

1. Stability

Firstly, you must be stable in your decision. If you are a fresher and new to the organization, you must build stability in yourself. At least give yourself and the company a year’s time to see any change. Learn whatever you can in that time and decide if you want to leave.

2.  Dependency

If there are a lot of responsibilities on you, and job change seems risky right now, you should always weigh the best possible options.

3. New Offer

It is better to have an offer before you leave the job. Not having anything and leaving what you have is a silly thing to do. Hence if you have decided that you need to change, first get another job and then leave.

4. Growth

If you have been experiencing constant growth in your current work profile, why leave? Just try in different departments if you want a new thing to learn. Leaving might not be the best way to go for you.

5. Recession

Never ever leave your job at the time of recession. You know the consequences and weigh the best possibile options. Getting a new job could be very difficult. Hence value what you have in such times.

Final Thoughts

You now have top 10 reasons to change jobs and top 5 reasons to not change jobs. It should easier to make a decision.

Moving onto have better opportunities and more growth will always give you new things to learn. But sometimes staying where you are and growing that team makes all the difference in one’s career.


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