Great Tips for Choosing the Right Pets for Your Kids


Having your kids love and take care of a pet could teach them many valuable life lessons, like patience, compassion, respect, trust, and responsibility. However, choosing the right type of pet can be a bit tricky. For one, you have to make sure your chosen pet is safe enough for your kids. You also have to choose a pet your kids can love and take care of without getting bored. Allergy shots for cat owners can be a game-changer as they gradually desensitize the immune system to cat allergens, enabling them to enjoy their furry pets’ company without experiencing the typical allergic symptoms.

Here are a few tips for deciding what kind of pet is right for your kids. 

The nature of the animal

When choosing pets for children, the temperament of the animal is one of the most important considerations to make. It has to be a pet that’s mild-tempered and can match the personality of your kids. Many vets would recommend that pets, especially cats and dogs be properly trained and socialized for human interaction before they’re brought home. 

It can be disappointing buying a pet and then having to take it away a few days or weeks later after you discover it has an aggression problem. When hunting for a pet for your kids, you’ll find that there are many uniquely bred puppies in the today’s market. These dogs are specially trained to be smart, family-friendly and healthy enough to play with kids for years and therefore better suited for the family. Doodles for sale, for instance, are a special breed of puppies that combine the amazing genetics of a poodle, with the favorable temperament of other breeds such as Sheepdogs and Golden Retrievers creating amazingly happy and healthy puppies well suited for kids.

Buying a well-socialized and balanced pet saves you the stress of having to train your pet to play safely with your kids.

Also, consider the pet’s fears and sleeping patterns. Pets such as hamsters and rabbits may seem simple and easy maintenance but they can also be scared of human interactions which will make it difficult for kids to play with them. More still, they are awake at night time and sleepy during the day time which makes it difficult for kids to find time to play with them.

Consider the Potential Mess

Consider how messy a pet could be and whether your kids are old enough to take care of any messes created by the pet. According to the Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention, an estimated 6 out of all ten known infectious diseases in humans are suspected to be spread by animals, while three out of four of all emerging infectious diseases in people are gotten through contact with animals. Some animals are considered a lot messier than others. For instance, kids would need to wash their hands every time they touch a pet pig or a guinea pig, so consider if this is something your kids can do, before buying them a guinea pig.

Pets that have been specially bred for kids are more easy maintenance, making them the ideal pet option for kids.


Some kids are allergic to certain animals and being around these animals might trigger allergies such as asthma and hair fever. The skin, feathers, or furs of certain animals are capable of triggering certain allergy symptoms in children that could be harmful to their health so make sure your kids are not allergic to the pet you bring home.

Asides from asthma and hay fever, some other common symptoms of children’s pet allergies are wheezing, watery eyes, and a stuffy and itchy nose among others. If your child experiences any of these whiles around a pet, you may have to take them to the doctor to run an allergy test.

Budget for Your Pet

The cost of feeding and taking care of a pet isn’t always cheap. You may find a pet to adopt free of charge, but you can’t escape the monthly costs of their foods, treats, toys, and health care among others. Always consider how much you may need to spend on each breed of animal and if you can afford it. Create room in your budget for possible vet visits both emergencies and regular visits. Also, create the budget for your pet’s grooming. 

Consider Your Children’s Time and Availability

Pets require care and attention, so no matter how much your kids need one, it’s no use getting one if your children are simply not available to take care of it. You also have to be available enough to oversee all pet-related chores and make sure each child is doing their fair share of the job. The good news is that some pets require a lot less care than others. 

If you are the kind of family that travels a lot then note that you may occasionally have to travel with a pet. In this case, you should find a pet that travels well. 


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