Cardinal Bird Houses for Spring!


With Spring just around the corner, what better way to welcome our flying friends than with their very own, hand-made birdhouse designed with their safety and comfort in mind?

Made by professionals using traditional techniques and world-class materials to last for years, our Cardinal Bird House is as stylish as it is affordable.

Why a Cardinal?

With its exotic crest, its brightly coloured beak, and the potential to sing some of the most beautiful bird sounds imaginable – the Cardinal is a staple among bird watchers and enthusiasts. This particular bird box has been designed with this specific bird in mind and due to its size and proportions, we’ve found that birds will often fly over to it like it’s a leader in their flock.

Currently available at a discounted price and with a beautifully attractive red hue used to finish the overall design – you can all but guarantee that your guests and visitors will find it just as appealing as the birds that use it to eat from. In fact, this feeder has been specially designed to make eating easy, with a secure mesh under-belly to provide easy access to seeds and grains, and a sturdy perch for added comfort and durability.

Features of this bird feeder

Made of solid wood that’s been cut, hand-filed, and fitted to maximize structural integrity and resilience to the elements, this bird feeder is one of the coolest on the market. The paint acts as an additional layer of protection for the bird feeder, helping to seal and secure the wood inside from even the fiercest rainfall.

We’ve also included strong and durable rope with your purchase to ensure that wherever you decide to hang your feeder, from a tree all the way through to a fence or dedicated pole, you can rest assured that it will remain solid and reliable for each and every bird that decides to stop by for a snack.

The feeding method is also incredibly simple, with a hinged head that folds back and allows you to pour enough bird seed to keep our flying friends going for days at a time. You’ll also find that the more you buy, the lower the price gets – making decorating your entire garden with our unique birdhouses even more affordable.

Proportions of this bird feeder

Measuring 20 inches in height, 15 inches from beak to tail, and 6 inches wide, this feeder is ideal to be positioned in a range of locations. Due to its appearance and size, any predators hoping to enjoy a feathered snack will likely think twice, and as the rope will allow the feeder to gently swing in the breeze, it can act as a deterrent for animals hoping to take advantage of a bird enjoying its morning or afternoon meal.

A unique statement piece for your yard

As previously mentioned, the sheer size of these feeders is incredibly appealing and they are much bigger than the photos give them credit for. Paired with the solid construction designed to last for years, the bright tones of our Cardinal bird feeder, and the other eye-catching features – you’ll likely find your feeder becoming somewhat of a focal point in your backyard or front garden.

We have no doubt that once found by birds and squirrels, this piece will quickly become a hugely popular destination for wildlife, and unlike the more traditionally-designed feeders; anyone looking in its direction will have to look twice as they see a huge hovering Cardinal in your back yard!

Why choose a handmade bird feeder?

With so many unique designs to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be spoiled for choice, but with our affordable prices – you could always invest in a selection of our exclusive and handmade birdhouses and feeders to create your own unique look and feel. We don’t do things by halves and that’s why we promise the finest craftsmanship, the highest-grade materials, and the most resilient finishes to ensure that whichever design you go for, you’ll be enjoying its functionality for years to come.

For more information about our unique birdhouses, or to place an order, simply take a look through our website and feel free to get in touch with our friendly team for helpful support and guidance. We are always happy to assist you in any way that we can, so why not take a look at what we have on offer right now? We’re sure you’ll find the perfect birdhouse for your yard.


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