What to Write in a Wedding Card – Dos and Don’ts

What to Write in a Wedding Card - Dos and Don'ts

What to write in a wedding card is always tricky and confusing. Apart from writing congratulations and best wishes, it is tough to fathom what exactly to write. So, we have given you a detailed guide that will help you curate the best wedding card. Plus, we have also made a list of possible situations in which you would have to write the card! Start scrolling down, and by the end of the article, you will know exactly what to put into a wedding card!

Is Wedding Card Necessary?

Yes, it is. Whether you are planning to attend the wedding or not, it is proper etiquette to add a card with the gift to congratulate the couple. Also, it has two purposes:

  1. The couple will know who has sent the wedding gift to them.
  2. To share well wishes to the married couple.

Furthermore, if you are planning to buy a gift online and ship it directly to the couple, most of the website has a “send message” feature. Thus, it gives you an option to put in your good wishes there.

3 things to remember before you write the wedding card

Before you consider what to write in a wedding card, think about these 3 things:

How much do you know the bride and the groom?

If you know the couple for a long time and are very close to them, the card should consist of best wishes and heartfelt messages. You can write some marriage advice and some old memories you shared with them. However, if you are not close, a quick and short congratulatory message is better for acquaintances and distant relatives.

What to Write in a Wedding Card

How is the personality of the newlyweds?

Most of the time, what to write in a wedding card depends on the bride and groom’s personalities. If both of them are reserved and introvert, then they might not like a witty wedding note.

They would most probably prefer a formal and warm note from the people attending the wedding.

Are they religious?

If they are very traditional and religious, a quotation or verse from a sacred book will be a good gesture. But we would say it is a tricky situation as most of us do not know people’s beliefs and faith.

Hence, if you are close to the couple and know them well, then you add a spiritual message to them. Otherwise, it is best to write notes that are general.

Dos and Don’ts while writing a wedding card


Always Be Genuine

The best way to write a wedding note is to write something from the heart. Also, try to avoid saying things that you wouldn’t speak to the couple in person. Moreover, please do not force yourself to write something sentimental, which can be awkward. — Just be sincere and genuine. Almost everyone can throw some positiveness to the newlyweds by letting them know that no matter what, everything will be okay because they just made the right choice. Also, make sure you use handwritten notes; that will make a big difference.

Address the note to the couple

The note should be to the couple who are a pair. Moreover, avoid writing a personal message only to the person to who you are closer. Since it is the wedding day of the couple, your note should also address both the bride and the groom.

Prepare what you want to say in the note

Try to avoid mistakes. So it is best to make a draft of the note on a different paper. Besides, it will help you to gather all of your thoughts. Once you are done, just copy it to the wedding note.


Writing too much

When you are planning what to write in a wedding card, make sure the note is to the point and short. Do not make the message longer than three sentences. However, if you want to share a fond memory, do that but make it short. Moreover, wedding cards are not ideal for long notes or messages.

However, if you have a lot to say to the couple, do it in person, by letter, or you can even email them.

Avoid mistakes

We know mistakes happen, but on a wedding card, errors can make it look messy. So, you can either write on a new wedding card or use a white-out pen to cover your mistakes.

Spelling errors

Re-read your message to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes or, even worse, misspelled the couple’s name.

Being too personal

Even though we did say to be genuine, but wedding card is not the place to share a personal message.

Different things to write on “What to Write in A Wedding Card?”

As we said before, you need to know whose wedding you are attending before writing the note. Here are some examples that might help you to write the wedding card message.

Formal Wedding Card

Just because it is a formal wedding does not mean you have to write it with stuffy words. Here are some examples that are timeless as well as romantic:

“Wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love.”

“Wedding days come and go, but your love will grow forever.”

“May the future be filled with eternal and lasting joy.”

“Best wishes on the pleasing journey which you will build together.”

“May being together be more joyful than you have ever imagined.”

“Thank you to you for letting me share this beautiful day with you. I hope you both have a wonderful journey together.”

“Hope today is the beginning of the happy and long life together.”

“Wish you love, happiness, and joy on your day as well as the future that you will begin together.”

“As you grow older, hope your love grows stronger as well.”

“May the love that you feel now shine through eternity.”

Casual Wedding Card

You can also be casual in your note if you do not know what to write on a wedding card. Moreover, it is absolutely fine to write a casual message. Make sure it is short and friendly. As long as you wish them the best and congratulate them, you do not need to worry about many things.

Some of the examples are:


“Wishing you both the best today as well as always.”

“Lots of love to both of you.”

“May you both have an incredible future together.”

“Here to wish you a successful and happy marriage.”

“Happy that I can celebrate this time with you.”

“All the best for a blithesome and enjoyable future together.”

“Love you both. Congratulation.”

“Best Wishes.”

“Congrats on the wedding.”

“So happy for both of you.”

Funny Wedding Card

You can always write a witty and funny note to the couple if you are close with them. This kind of notes you generally write to your friend, siblings, or cousins.

However, when you are thinking about what to write in a wedding card funny, remember then do not joke about something that the couple can take in the wrong way. Also, an unspoken rule, avoid jokes which can be mocking and sarcastic.

Furthermore, jokes that you should avoid are divorce jokes, one of them is better than the other, and how quick or late they are getting married.

Here are some examples that you can use:

“Thanks for inviting me to eat when you are getting married. Best wishes”

“Officially, you both are stuck with each other. Congrats.”

“May your social media notifications save you both from forgetting all the important dates.”

“You both make a nearly as good team as [put their favorite fictional couple/ or any sports team they like].”

“3 marriage advice: respect, love, and [add something funny such as always do the dishes.]”

“Thank you for the free food. Wishing you both a happy marriage.”

Wedding notes to siblings and their spouses

Do you want to write a wedding note to your sibling for their wedding? The most important thing to remember how is your bond with each other. If the relationship is strained, then you can write a general note.

However, if you know each other the best and both of you share an inseparable bond, you can go beyond a general message. But while writing the note, do not forget to mention their spouse.

Here are some examples:

“It was yesterday we were playing games in your room, and now you are getting married. I am ecstatic for both of you. Congrats”.

“Best wishes to my sister/brother and best friend and my new brother/sister-in-law. May you have a wonderful life together.”

“Today, I gained a new sister/brother, and I am so excited for that. Love you both.”

“You make my brother/sister so happy. Congratulations on a long and happy married life.”

“I am so grateful to have a sibling like you. I wish you both to have a joyful and happy life.”

What to write in a wedding card for a friend?

You might go classic for your friend’s wedding card. Also, before you think about what to write in a wedding card, consider the relationship between you two. Do you want to be serious, funny, sentimental, or personal in the note?

Here are few examples that you can use:

“I am extremely happy both my friends got married. Best Wishes.”

“Thank you for the invitation for this day. Congratulations.”

“We had so much fun and laughs together. I hope you both make each other happy forever.”

“Congrats to my pretty friend and their new spouse.”

“All the best wishes for a lifelong and joyful life together.”

“You finally meet the woman/man of your dreams. May you both live a happy life together.”

“I am so excited to celebrate this beautiful day with both of you.”

Wedding Note for a Relative

While writing a wedding note for a family member, you can either be general or personal. Moreover, it depends on you and the relationship you have with that person.

Here are some examples:

“Cheers on your wedding. Welcome to our family.”

“I am happy that you found your soulmate. Welcome to the family.”

“Congratulations! Love & hugs.”

“I am happy to call you my family. May you have a happy and beautiful future together.”

“We have one more family member, and we are extremely happy about that. Congrats.”

“We are glad to share this delightful day with both of you.”

“What a lovely day in our family. May you both have a wonderful life forever.”

What to Write in a Wedding Card

What to write in a wedding card when you can’t attend?

Most of us are not attending a wedding during the pandemic. Hence you might be wondering what to write in a wedding card during COVID. There are a few specifications while writing a wedding card in this situation. Always keep in mind, you do not need to explain why you are not attending the wedding.

On the card, just write a short and nice note to them. Also, make sure to thank them for inviting you to the wedding.

Some examples of wedding card message during covid:

“Congrats on the wedding. I hope you feel my support and love even though I couldn’t attend it.”

“Best wishes for such a thrilling day! I wish I could attend the wedding and celebrate it with you both.”

“Congratulations on your marriage. I am sorry I couldn’t visit your wedding, but I am celebrating it from afar.”

“Wishing you both a happy married life. Very excited to see the photos and videos of the wedding.”

“Let’s go for lunch in the near future. I can’t wait to hear about everything that happened on your wedding day.”

“Congratulation on this special day. Wish to catch up soon with you both.”

Wedding Card Note to a Co-worker

Wedding notes for a co-worker should be very general. Also, avoid writing things like “lots of love,” etc.

Moreover, you can use the formal note examples from above. If the co-worker is also a friend, then see the examples of the friend’s note above.

However, we have some wedding notes examples which are appropriate to write to your co-worker.

“Best wishes. Thank you for the invitation.”

“I am happy to know you at our workplace. I genuinely wish you and your spouse a happy married life.”

“Congratulation to one of the best co-workers and their new spouse.”

“What an amazing day to celebrate the wedding of my co-worker and their spouse. Best wishes to both of you.”

“Wish you have a happy and successful married life.”

“Best wishes as you both starting your new journey.”

What to write for a wedding that has been postponed?

Things happen that we have no control over. It just gets in our way. Hence, if a wedding is postponed, the best note to write is to show your support.

However, do not openly write about the postponement in the note. Please write a message which will encourage the couple and give them a morale boost.

Here are some examples:

“I just know your wedding day will be a special day no matter when it happens.”

“Your patience has proven that what an amazing couple you both are.”

“Whenever the wedding happens, we will never miss it. We will be there for both of you.”

“I am here for you, and let me know if I can help you with something.”

Final Thoughts

We hope now you know what to write in a wedding card for different people. Always make it short and sweet and never forget to write congratulations or best wishes on your wedding card.


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