Can Thailand Become a New Casino Hub?

Casino Hub

It’s been suggested that Thailand could become the next emerging hub for casino entertainment in Asia. The Prime Minister Payut Chan-O-Cha has recently confirmed that considerations are in place for reducing the number of illegal casino houses in the country.

The first step is holding discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing gambling. So far, the conversation is centered on the concern that illegal gambling dens are responsible for many new cases of COVID-19. 

One of the key questions before such a huge step can be taken, is whether Online Cricket Betting ID will ever be considered acceptable by the Thai people. However, according to websites like Thailand Online Casino, there are millions of people waiting for the chance to play legally in local casinos. 

A Vacation Hotspot Made Better

With millions of players pouring in every year and a great number of expats, Thailand would be an excellent casino destination. With many huge resorts and hotel chains already expressing interest in branching out to the Thai casino market. 

One thing that is for sure, is that having the option to play casino games legally in the country will be a major plus for most tourists. In the evening, when you’re not in the mood for a bar or club after a delicious Thai meal. The casino offers the perfect after-dark activity and it’s one thing that has been lacking for many years in this region. 

Is Any Form of Gambling Currently Legal in Thailand?

Aside from horse racing and the government-run Thai lottery, all other forms of gambling are strictly prohibited. This dates back to the 1935 Gambling Act. However, in most towns, and big cities like Bangkok, illegal gambling still thrives. Which invites a host of issues since they are not legal and can’t be fully regulated to provide fair and safe gambling. 

Is Online Betting Allowed?

Many players don’t consider the implications of real money betting online. But many people question if the Gambling Act currently bans online gambling. According to modern law, yes, online gambling in Thailand is not legal. However, many foreign casinos with online platforms welcome Thai players even though it’s prohibited, Online casino Canada is one of them.

But have no fear, since there is no federal law that governs online gambling. You cannot be charged for betting online. 

Fun Fact: even the act of playing cards has some prohibitions attached. Even if there is no money involved, the Playing Cards act is a Thai law that forbids any individual from owning more than 120 playing cards. Unless they are registered by the Excise Department. We imagine this is an attempt to keep up with the strict rules of the Gambling Act. 


As we move towards a future with global aspirations, it’s possible that Thailand can follow in the footsteps of Macau and other casino hub. To accommodate more tourists and expats than ever before. With the very important goal of also keeping the Thai community happy with the decision. Only time and serious considerations will determine if it ever comes to pass. 


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