Find the Best Mask for Your Face

Find Best Mask Face

As the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the world, we have learned that cloth facemasks are a critical tool to use during a pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were all forced to wear masks that looked pretty uniform and clinical. As the virus raged on, manufacturers understood a need to make masks more tolerable and fashionable to wear. If you are looking for the perfect face mask, don’t fret, we have you covered as to what you should look to Find the Best Mask for Your Face. 

How to Know if You Have a Mask That Fits 

Before you get your feet wet in the world of masks, you probably need to know how to identify if a mask is particularly useful during a pandemic. Considering new masks are made just about every week, the ones that will keep you safe should completely cover your face and nose. If you aren’t using a face shield, your nose and face should be completely blocked from being exposed. If your mask slips off your face, it doesn’t fit and you should get one that does. 

Another great way to tell if a mask is completely covering your face is by trying out the candle test. If you are unsure as to what the candle test is, we got you covered. If you can blow out a candle while wearing a mask or can see the flame burning through the fabric, then it is not keeping you safe. The candle test may seem kind of silly but considering that masks are helping prevent the spread of a deadly virus, it’s better safe than being sorry. 

Try The Maskie 

A frustrating thing about having to wear a mask is the potential to accidentally leave it at home. Many people have made the mistake of driving to the grocery store just to have to buy a new mask because they left their mask on the counter. The Maskie is a great tool for those that are on the go because it can be completely converted into a scrunchie. Considering the Maskie can be easily manipulated to attach to your wrist like a scrunchie, you can leave the house without stuffing your mask into your pocket. 

Right now the CDC is telling people to double up on masks to prevent the spread of the virus because this strain is particularly deadly. Right now The Maskie encourages those that are unfamiliar with their product to buy a mask and get 33% off their first purchase. Their family pack is perfect for those wanting to try and wear two masks. 

If you decide to buy a bunch of cloth masks in bulk, keep in mind that you need to wash each mask after every use. You come in contact with germs and gunk every day. Keeping your mask clean and staying fresh could prevent breakouts and skin flair-ups especially for those that have sensitive skin

Another added benefit in going with the Maskie is the fact that it can be converted into the perfect scrunchie. Right now people aren’t going out to bars because they are closed. So people have to find ways to pass the time. One thing that has risen in popularity is going outside and hiking. If you know you are going to be alone on the trail, you can convert your Maskie into a scrunchie to pull your hair back. 

While the pandemic has affected many of us in different ways, the fact that masks have evolved into something fashionable and comfortable is encouraging. It is hard to cover up your face and hide your identity. Luckily with masks like Maskie, we can still have the capabilities to express ourselves during some of the most trying times. That is something to be happy about. 


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