5 Best Ways to Improve Employee Performance & Productivity


One of the best features of a great working space is a comfortable office environment. It will not only help to mitigate health risks but also enhance employee productivity, thereby impacting company performance and profitability positively.

However, achieving this in your workspace is indeed not a simple task. Many companies struggle to provide the ideal working conditions that can help promote employee comfort. After all, comfort is subjective, it can vary from person to person. 

But despite this, it’s possible to create a universally comfortable atmosphere for all employees by implementing certain strategies. While it may not be feasible to cater to every individual’s preferences, the following tips can help create a safe and comfortable office environment for employees.

1. Bottle Filling Station

In offices or countries where tap water may not be drinkable, it’s important to provide bottle-filling stations in the office. Working In a state of dehydration will not only bring discomfort but can also jeopardize employees’ health. Dehydration can impede cognitive function which can lead to forgetfulness and reduced concentration among the employees.

By offering bottle-filling stations, you will not only ensure a comfortable working environment but also encourage hydration throughout the day. Additionally, all the employees can also benefit from occasional breaks as they walk to refill their water bottles. This will help to mitigate sedentary work issues.

2. Ensure Workbench Height

Next, before purchasing a workbench for the office it is also best to ensure the workbench size. Optionally, you can also consider purchasing a workbench that can be adjusted based on employees’ needs. This is an essential fixture in any office, but its effectiveness lies in proper positioning and height adjustment. 

Make sure to set the table height at the proper position, so that employees can view their laptop screens at eye level. This might seem like too much work, but this will be a great solution that can help promote comfort and minimize issues like back pain, neck strain, and eye fatigue among employees. By paying attention to this fixture, hopefully, the work quality of the employees can also be improved!

3. Opt for High-Quality Office Chairs

In addition to the desk, the choice of office chairs significantly impacts employees’ comfort. Considering employees spend extensive periods seated while working, office chairs play a crucial role in maintaining proper body posture. Choosing the wrong chair can lead to discomfort and back pain among employees. This is why you should purchase high-quality work chairs for the office space. This is an essential move to create ergonomic working conditions that can elevate employees’ comfort.

4. Maintain Comfortable Office Temperature

A conducive office environment requires optimal temperature control. Working in excessively hot conditions can severely impact employees’ ability to concentrate and perform effectively. Thus, to ensure a comfortable workspace, it is a must to regulate the office temperature to a pleasant level. 

To achieve this, one of the best ways you can do this is to regularly maintain the air conditioning system. Consider booking an aircon service appointment at https://www.luce.sg/services/aircon-servicing so your air conditioning unit can operate efficiently at all times.

Routine maintenance for the office air conditioning system is essential to keep the unit operating at its best! The air conditioner unit will be able to provide faster cooling while consuming energy more efficiently. Additionally, regular maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner. After all, as a mechanical device, an air conditioner’s components can naturally wear out over time. Regular servicing can help mitigate wear and tear, ensuring your unit operates effectively for an extended period.

5. Decorate the Office with Ornamental Plants

To alleviate workplace stress and prevent employee burnout, consider incorporating ornamental plants into the office environment. These plants have been shown to promote relaxation and enhance mental well-being. Not only is it great to prevent burnout, but it can also serve as office decoration that makes your office space look lovely and professional!

These are the ultimate top tips that employers can do to enhance office comfort and boost employee productivity. While achieving comfortable office conditions may pose challenges, implementing these tips can gradually improve the work environment and satisfaction level of every employee. With a better work environment provided for employees, guarantees it can enhance business success too. Thus, you can look at this as an investment toward better company success!



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