The Best Shaving Products to Try This Year

The Best Shaving Products

The Best Shaving Products to Try This Year. There are some amazing new products on the market for a close shave that will leave skin exfoliated, moisturized, and free of nicks, cuts, or razor bumps. As shaving technology improves, a barbershop level shave can be achieved at home.

Hot Lather For A Luxury Experience

LTHR Shaving offers amazing hot lather for a barbershop experience, every time you shave. A group of professional barbers noticed that their old-fashioned hot lather machine was not ideal. It was slow to heat up, and it was bulky and old-fashioned looking. They decided to put their heads together to update the machine – which had not been improved upon since the early 1900s.

The designers of the LTHR Hot Lather Machine originally intended to make a professional lather machine for barbers. The new design they invented improved upon the shortcomings they noticed. After perfecting the device, they felt that it could be offered for home use, as well as professional use. This compact, quick to heat up hot lather machine is now available for your own bathroom to supply you with an amazing lather for a close shave. It uses multi-use pods that make a hot, moisturizing lather that is perfect for all skin types and is sure to give the luxurious experience that barbershop shaves give.

Blades For A Great Shave

A single-bladed safety razor may sound scary after a lifetime of using multi-blade or electric razors. These original “safety razors” lost their popularity after the advent of more modern alternatives, but they are gaining a new following who say that using this economical option will cut down on ingrown hairs or post-shaving irritation and rashes. There is a learning curve involved with using these, but the Merkur FUTUR Adjustable Safety Razor has made this sleek, silvery model adjustable, to allow novices an easier transition to the use of this type of razor. Blade refills are dirt cheap, and once you have the hang of using this razor, you might choose it, not only because of how economical refill blades are but because it is easier on your sensitive skin.

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is a trimmer and razor hybrid. It comes with several guards to allow you to vary the length, and reportedly supplies a smooth, close shave. It doubles as a top-notch trimmer for facial hair and sideburns and is compact and rechargeable. 

The throwback, two-blade Bic Twin Select Razor is as economical as it gets and has stayed a favorite among the influx of multi-blade razors that eventually got so high priced that they now live behind a locked cage at most retailers, to avoid theft. For those who don’t want to spend money on a single refill cartridge that costs more than your dinner, complete with a beer (Oneblade makes a limited edition model razor that costs $2,500, and each refill blade for this handle, as well as it’s more “economical” handles cost $30 each) the trusty Bic Twin has been highly rated as a good razor, that provides a close shave for decades. They retail at around a dollar each and come in packs of 10.

Bic makes this list a second time with its new model of 5 blade razor, a unisex model called the Us by BIC 5-blade Unisex Razor. Women have been secretly buying men’s blades for years, finding that many women’s disposable razors don’t cut the mustard (but do cut up their legs, on occasion). This sleekly designed razor rates very high with all genders, and the introductory box comes with two blades and retails around $8.50. 

Start The Day Off Freshly Shorn

Getting a great shave makes everybody feel great, with soft, smooth skin revealed and a fresh attitude allowing us all to take on the day with confidence. Starting off with hot lather, and ending up with no annoying nicks or bumps, these shaving products are worth a try for anyone who appreciates the things a fresh shave can do for self-esteem.


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