Things to Know and Expect When Relocating to Texas

Know Expect Relocating Texas

Referred to as The Lone Star State, Texas is an incredible place to live. It is the second-most populous state in the US and one of the fastest-growing. There are plenty of career growth opportunities and a lot of diversity in terms of food and culture. Read out Things to Know and Expect When Relocating to Texas.

While relocating to Texas will be exciting, you should expect to face new challenges. We’ve put together a quick list of things to expect when relocating to Texas to help you get a head start!

1.Ditch The Heavy Coats, But Not All Of Them!

Texas is among the states with the hottest weather. Places like San Antonio can reach temperatures of 100 degrees in the summer. Winters are mild at around 50 to 60 degrees.

Meteorologists have noted that Texas has highly unpredictable weather. There have been cold fronts and more tornadoes than most places in the country. Texas also has the world record for the most amount of rainfall in 24 hours.

So, ditch the winter coats for raincoats when considering the move. Sunshine with a dash of rain seems to be the best way to sum up the hot Texas climate.

2.You Are Going To Love The Lower Taxes 

Residents of Texas are not required to pay state income tax. Wow, what a relief! The state also boasts lower sales tax and has great tax incentives for businesses.

However, different cities may add the sales tax besides the state figure. Texas also has one of the highest property taxes in the entire country. Thus, it’s best to consult with a tax specialist in the area before your move to prevent the taxes from affecting the monthly budget.

3.Real Estate Is Very Affordable

Texas’s property values are below the national average, making it one of the most affordable places to live. You can choose to live in the cities or choose a more laid-back option in the suburbs. Perhaps a farm is more your style.

Many of the residents in Texas will have a ranch (their version of a farm), or they will have some connection to the cowboy lifestyle. After all, Texas is home to some of the most famous cowboys.

There’s no right or wrong way to live in Texas. Just find what you like best; it’s probably within your budget.

4.Electricity Bills Can’t Be That Low, Can They?

The bane of every adult’s existence: having to pay bills. Texas has a deregulated market, meaning you get to choose what works for you. Electricity rates in Texas are deregulated. Consumers can compare shops to find the best rate for their home or business.

Homeowners can choose from a few energy suppliers to supply their power; hence, they can find the cheapest rate at a plan they prefer.

Take advantage of the different options on the market and new deals that may come your way to slash your monthly bill even further. There are various energy comparison tools to help you get started.

5.Job Creation And Opportunities

Texas is one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. It is a leader in various industries such as petroleum, technology, education, and wind energy. Job opportunities in this sector have been able to sustain the significant rise in population over the years.

Texas is also home to some top-ranking colleges in the country that help to provide employable candidates. All the educational support in the area means that raising kids in this state ensures they have a bright future ahead of them. The educational opportunities would later translate into citizens ready to contribute to their society in the best possible way.

6.Exquisite Culinary Scene 

There’s no denying that Texas is a highly diverse melting pot of cultures from all over the world. We see this represented by the local cuisine.

Tex-Mex and barbeque are some of the most popular dishes, but there are vegan options as well. It is not unusual to see vegetable skewers alongside the meat at a barbecue family event, and many restaurants are offering vegetarian or vegan options in the area.

Texans will sometimes combine their love of cuisine and travel, and go on a ‘food road trip,’ which also acts as a tourist attraction to show Texas’s rich history and geography.

7.Traffic Is A Nightmare

Unfortunately, Texas has a very lackluster public transit system. It is not uncommon to get stuck for long periods in heavy traffic. It’s best to live within a few miles of your workplace if you do not have your car. 

Despite the long commutes, most neighborhoods are walkable. Beautiful scenery will tempt you to ditch the car and walk or ride a bicycle to work. The streets of Texas have well-kept sidewalks for pedestrians, and another bonus is Texans’ friendliness, keeping you company along the walk.

Quick Moving Tips

Here are a  few tips for when you have decided Texas is your new home:

  • Make sure whatever moving company you use has Texas license plates.
  • Change your address with USPS a week before the move.
  • Make sure you update your driver’s license within 90 days of the move.
  • Visit the official website for The State of Texas if you need any information or help to update any official documents.
  • There is also a lot of tolerance for guns, so make sure you are prepared. Of course, firearms should be registered and concealed.


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