Sweat breaking Shadow boxing Workout

Shadow boxing Workout

Shadowboxing is an incredible warming-up tool that improves your boxing game. Punching in the air makes you work on your rhythm & technique. It is an effective cardio workout even for non-fighters. We all are aware of the fact that boxing demands amazing fitness levels from its players you will be likely to be pushed beyond your limits for practicing it. 

Most people don’t associate it with a home workout, as they lack space with pads & bags which they can hit whenever they want. But shadow boxing can be done at home. Luckily, practicing it doesn’t necessarily require any equipment. It can be done anywhere.

Why should Shadowbox? 

Shadowbox might appear like a storm of punching and kicking which isn’t entirely false but it gets you ready to roar in the ring. It is an effective warm-up and cool down. It gets your body moving while making your boxing ability sharp and refining your balance. You put on your boxing gloves and there is nothing to hit on your front it all narrows to your balance & form. It allows the boxers to critique the offense & defense.

 Look for gloves such as Everlast boxing gloves made from high-quality synthetic leather or genuine leather, as these materials tend to be more durable and long-lasting. Proper ventilation is also crucial to keep your hands cool and dry during training. Some gloves incorporate mesh panels or perforations to enhance breathability and prevent excessive sweating.

It is an aerobic workout that actively targets your aerobic & anaerobic fitness, regulates the blood pressure and cholesterol profiles, & burns body fat. It is a killer full-body workout if one properly. 

Warm-Up before intense Session

Do not forget to adequately warm-up your body before a high-intensity boxing workout. Warm-up by performing the following exercises

  • Clock lunge

Do this activity by imagining as if you are in the middle of the clock face. By putting both of your hands on the hips, do a forward lunge by putting the right foot at 12 o’clock. Make sure you keep the body upright & core tight, & move back to the center.

Perform another forward lunge at 3 o’clock, and then at 9 o’clock by putting the right foot stationary behind your left foot. Then perform a backward lunge at 6 o’clock, after that swap for moving the other foot around the clock. Perform 3 reps at each side. 

  • Inchworm

Stant on your feet opened shoulder-distance apart. Roll the spine forward from top-down & place both of the hands on the ground. Then Walk the hands forwards till you go into a press-up position, after that walk the hands back and stand-up. Perform ten reps of this workout. 

  • Reverse lunge with twist

Start this exercise by standing tall with your feet opened hip-distance apart. Take a Step back and go into the lunge by using your right leg. Make sure that your forward knee doesn’t beat the toes. Then twist slightly left with the arms overhead. Keep on repeating the lunge on the same side. Perform 10 lunges on each side. 

  • Mountain climber

Go into the press-up position by placing the arms straight & legs extended. Move one knee closer to the chest, and put it back to the position from where you started. Do the same with the other leg. Do 10 reps of this exercise.

Shadow Boxing Workout

Now that you have warmed up properly start doing your shadowBoxing workout. Perform these workouts for a total of 30 minutes and if you take a rest break they might stretch up to 40 minutes. You need to know the basics of boxing for performing these exercises. Such as punches—jab, Uppercut, cross, and hook, if you don’t know, consider going to a training class or hiring a personal coach. You can also take help online. 

Workout 1) Jab Cross, Hook, and UpperCut

  • Make the punches nice & long. Remember to extend them from the chin.
  • For an additional challenge, perform 2 jumping jacks between each of the sets.

Workout 2) Hook, Hook, Uppercuts, Uppercut

  • For an additional challenge perform a squat between the moves for engaging your legs
  • For mixing up, do the Tabata style. Choose your workout intensity based on the on & off intervals.

Workout 3) Jab, Cross, Pump It Out

  • Do the jab and cross fastly, push your body to the limits for a specific time. Keep up your form

Workout 4) Elbow, Elbow, Knee

  • Alternate the knee you are lifting for working on both sides.

Workout 5) Four Quick UpperCuts, Jab, Cross

  • The last workout of the session, so makes you breathe in for getting the best of it.
  • Consider adding two jump jacks between each of the moves for a strong finish.


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