Does your skill as a boxer develop in Muay Thai?

boxer develop in Muay Thai

This Thai form of martial arts has become extremely well known and is recognized now worldwide because of the set of skills that are taught in it. There is no doubt about how challenging this sport is and how much determination and passion this sport demands from a human being; both mental and physical. Muay Thai is that form of martial arts that teaches you to use your feet, shins, elbows, hands and knees to fight your opponent and also to protect yourself. There are many reasons why Muay Thai has been accepted as a proper form of combat sport and also why now so many people want to learn this sport with all their passion. 

1. Learn attacking and self-defense techniques

Muay Thai is an excellent sport to learn if you have the intention of learning how to protect yourself from danger and how to attack someone if you ever feel dominated. Not only will you learn how to use all your limbs in ways that will successfully waver off danger but it will also teach you how to protect yourself and escape situations that can be life threatening. 

For example, if you are interested in boxing then go buy Muay Thai gloves because Muay Thai will also help you learn the skills of a boxer however you will be more equipped. A person who is able to do Muay Thai might not be able to do a good job during a boxing challenge despite the fact that he has punching techniques; this is because in Muay Thai you learn to not only use your hands to punch but also make efficient use of your feet as well. Using feet in boxing is not allowed because in boxing you are to concentrate more on your stance and your hand movements. Even the gloves that are used in Muay Thai are different from the ones used in boxing, so it is only natural that there will be differences in technique as well. However if a Muay Thai trainee were to participate in a random fight on the streets, then they would surely be able to deliver excellent punches like a proper boxer without a doubt! 

2. Lose weight

Muay Thai requires you to do intensive training and workout every single day to improve your stamina and your body functions. This constant work out will definitely help you get a move on and be on your feet all the time, which will definitely lead to effective weight loss! 

Even if you do not intend to lose weight in particular, doing Muay Thai will give you the opportunity to stay active and also create aims for yourself that you need to accomplish in order to feel ambitious and successful! If you plan to challenge yourself thoroughly and if you are constantly trying to learn new skills then you should definitely take up Muay Thai classes. 

3. Improved Flexibility

Muay Thai has a set of exercises and postures that will definitely work on your muscles and help to stretch them; this not only will make you flexible but also help you reap all the benefits of having strong flexible muscles:

  • Better blood circulation
  • Better oxygen distribution
  • Resistance against muscle injuries
  • Efficient muscle recovery 
  • Better posture 

4. Improved Strength

Having or knowing a set of skills is not useful until or unless you are able to deliver these skills with utmost efficiency and that is what Muay Thai training will help you achieve. You will be able to channel your energy in an efficient way as you learn to grasp control over your abilities and your might.

5. Efficient mind and body coordination 

As you begin doing Muay Thai you will very quickly realize that your body does not necessarily act or perform the way you ideally want it to; you need to build a relationship between your mind and your body to understand the capabilities of your body and to what limits it can be pushed to.

In the beginning it might seem like it is rather difficult to learn even a single skill or technique, but gradually you will definitely improve with determination and hard work. 

6. Excellent mental activity

When doing Muay Thai you need to concentrate and be present in the game at all times; assessing the moves of your opponent, you can’t even lose focus for a second because that might cost you too much. Hence you need to have your mind and your eyes in the game at all times. This constant need to remain attentive will definitely improve your mental activity and mental performance. 

7. Socialize

In Muay Thai training classes you will get to meet with so many likeminded people who have the same passion for Muay Thai as you; they will all have their own struggles and their own stories to share. This opportunity of meeting with other people will help evolve your circle and make you more social. 


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