Biking Backpacks vs Saddlebags what’s best for you?

Biking Backpacks vs Saddlebags

Are struggling with what bag you should use to carry your belongings on a motorbike trip? This article will help in choosing which one best for you. 

Carrying your item in a motorbike backpack on your trip can be an amazing choice. Without a doubt, a backpack is the easiest option for carrying essentials on a bike trip. It is the first option that comes to your mind when it narrows to take belongings on a tour. And because most of the people own it already so it automatically becomes an obvious choice. 

You just have to throw them at your back and start roaming. 

Backpacks are extremely maneuverable. It keeps your belongings secure and safe with you. It sticks with your bag wherever you move it moves too. It keeps everything at your back and you pull them out easily anywhere. 

They are multipurpose not just for biking, they can be used to carry stuff on a general hiking trip.

Biking is a physically demanding activity as biking you might require a lot of water for staying hydrated. Most of the backpacks come with a built-in hydration system which is a plus! They have adequate space for carrying protective and sports gear.

However, the weight hangs on your back all the time which sometimes can cause trouble and shoulder ache and soreness in case you have to carry them for long hours. You cannot put so much weight on your shoulders this is where saddlebags come for rescue.

  • Saddlebags

The common alternative to a backpack is a saddlebag. The motorbike saddlebags are mounted on both sides of your motorbike for carrying your belongings. The Biggest and most obvious advantage of a saddlebag over a backpack is it lets you carry way more weight, in high volume. They are ideal for carrying, clothes & work essentials.

Saddlebags are ideal for storing your camping gear. Most people use them as a permanent holder for storing things that are essential for every ride i.e toolkit. They allow your motorbike to carry the weight instead of hanging it at your back. Saddlebags free up the body by taking all the strain from your shoulders. They give you the freedom of easy movements. But make sure you don’t carry weight more than the limit. They hang on both sides of your motorbike which can create an anchor for yourself. Plus, their installation requires effort. More secure among both of the options is the backpack because it keeps your stuff close to you while the convenient one is a saddlebag. All the saddlebags come with a weight limit to make sure you don’t exceed it while stuffing it. Doing so will not only cause them to sag which will affect your bike’s aesthetic but cause difficulty in ride and also slows down the speed. 

Which one is best for you?

The usage of motorbikes is increasing. And riders have to carry their luggage on the route. Unlike a car, two-wheelers don’t give the luxury of space to carry all of your essentials easily; you have to pack them smartly by an effective means with you on your ride. Backpacks & saddlebags are the most common way of carrying motorbike luggage. Both of them are suitable luggage carries options but have their pros and cons. Choosing any of them depends on your need and what you intend to carry in them on your route, where are you heading? How long is your stay?

If you are using your motorbike for casual commuting, carry light loads & small objects then a backpack can be a good and economical choice for you. It will serve its purpose without causing any trouble to your back. But if you are a serious rider and commute for longer trips, carry heavier objects then looking for a nice saddlebag can be the right choice for you so you can carry your stuff easily over long distances.

Both serve the purpose of carrying objects well, it is also a matter of personal preference apart from commuting needs. Try experimenting with them on short routes or trail rides doing this will help you to pick what’s best for you.


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