Why Men should definitely do Yoga once a week

Yoga once a week

Because of the media and the social norms, it has been widely established that yoga is a very feminine form of exercise and that it is not designed for women; however, that is not the case entirely. Yoga is an exercise that is deliberated not based on gender but rather around the idea of leading a healthy life and connecting your mind with your body. Yoga helps you understand your body and its functions in depth so you can aid your physical self through the power of your mind and soul to feel healthier and more energetic

Not only does yoga have exercises that focus on each and every muscle, tissue, cell and bone in your body but it also helps to improve your breathing, straighten your posture, align your back bone and assist your digestive system and nervous system to function properly. People who indulge in yoga regularly have an increased sense of sensitivity and they are able to really feel each and every pore of their body work. Most importantly yoga helps a person bring positivity in their life and really chase that feeling of calm and peace 

Mass media has not only triumphed yoga as a very feminine sport but also has been successful in sexualizing and eroticizing it; yoga is often projected as a mysteriously exotic set of exercises that will help you become more flexible and thus more desirable sensually. The dress code of yoga especially for women has also been marketed widely for being extra comfortable but at the same time extremely alluring; whereas we believe that a simple set of good quality gym shorts would also be suffice and the major aim should be to excel in doing the yoga exercises. Despite all the image and assumption that has been created around yoga it is a fact that it is not a form of exercise that is only just suitable for women. Every person regardless of their gender should definitely learn to do yoga in their lifetime because of the many benefits they will be able to reap. 

So take out your workout shirts because here are some of the reasons we have collected for all the men specifically so they can understand the true joy of doing yoga and why they should do yoga poses at least once a week: 

  1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

We know that on a daily basis men and women alike have to deal with many stressful situations; while women have the opportunity of dealing with stress and anxiety through many ways, unfortunately for men it is not that easy. Men are never encouraged to vent out their emotions, to cry or even to seek professional help to deal with their anxieties; rather they are taught to keep all their feelings to themselves and deal with them like strong men who are masculine and stone hearted. 

However the truth is that men also need ways to expel their true feelings out to the world in whatever way they can possibly find because they are just as prone to becoming paranoid and anxious as women. Yoga has exercises that will provide them with an opportunity to take time for themselves, to relax and focus on their mind, on their breathing and really reflect on life.  

When you do yoga you are able to relax and focus all your mental energy to your body; at first it is difficult to even do one yoga posture properly and maybe one might also feel awkward and unnatural just sitting in one position without having to do any other activity. But maintaining a posture for a few minutes allows you to really grasp in that moment, to feel the minutes pass by and to appreciate yourself wholeheartedly. In the fast paced world that we live in we don’t get to really feel the time passing by; yoga will help you to live each and every second without any hesitation or any feeling of guilt. 

2. Helps increase flexibility

Yoga has a set of exercises that helps the human body stretch out their muscles and try to reach for new limits; right now if you don’t do yoga it will be very difficult for you to bend down and touch your toes with your fingers without bending your knees. However if you practice to do so regularly, within a week you will feel like you are getting closer and closer to your toes; and that’s because every day yoga is helping your back and stomach muscles to expand and stretch. 

The question is why is being flexible so important? And here are just a few reasons why:

  • Better blood circulation
  • Increases resistance against injuries
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Distributes oxygen and other minerals efficiently around the body
  • Helps the mind to think clearly
  • Improves and prevents muscle aches 

3. Improves Core Strength

Core strength is responsible for numerous functions in our body; to begin with core strength helps to produce the energy we need to be able to do any form of movement. Core strength is also responsible for our back posture and once the back posture is right then the nervous system and digestive system works better. A powerful core strength will help improve your body strength as a whole and you will be able to lift and move around things easily and more efficiently. 

4. Improves Balance

Many yoga postures are very difficult to do as they require a lot of concentration and focus; when you first start doing yoga you realize that it can be quite difficult so as a challenge you will continue doing exercises to try your best to excel in them. This will improve your balance and concentration immensely. 

5. Clears the mind

With an improved blood circulation system and improved breathing capacity, you are bound to feel more energetic and productive; all these great qualities will actually help you focus on your goals more clearly and also allow you to think and process the things around you in a more clear and positive way.


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