Jennifer Lawrence Body Goals to Shape an Ultimate Fitness Routine

Jennifer Lawrence Body Goals

From pilates to high-intensity workouts, slaying the Jennifer Lawrence body is not easy. The Hunger Games actor is known for body positivity and affinity towards junk food; so how does Jennifer Lawrence maintain that killer physique? The 29-year old actor has slain every Red Carpet look with her super toned physique and baby blue eyes.

Best known for her role in The Hunger Games franchise, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most sought after Hollywood actors and amongst the highest-paid actresses in the world. She also shot to fame with her films Winter’s Bones and X-Men: First Class, where she played the role of Mystique. As of 2019, Jennifer Lawrence net worth stands at a whopping 130 million dollars.

Redefining the Jennifer Lawrence body

As you can imagine, it’s not easy maintaining that Jennifer Lawrence body. So what goes into maintaining that killer body? Those who have followed the star from day 1 know of her affection towards junk food. Jennifer fancies herself a pizza and Philly cheesesteak over asparagus. She dislikes dieting and would punch anyone who says that they like to exercise every day. In an interview with Extra’s special correspondent Steve Santagati, JLaw admits relishing a Philly cheesecake over the usual salad before the Oscars. “It just happened!”

In an interview with Vogue in 2018, the Oscar-winning actor confessed about her love for pizza! The smoking-hot gorgeous star cannot stop indulging herself with a large slice of pizza. If she wanted pizza, she simply ate a piece. JLaw maintains that she is not a big fan of celebs who endorse their strict diets. She believes that it’s not necessary being strict with diet if you exercise regularly. The stunning beauty follows a dedicated workout routine to keep her in perfect shape.

Getting into shape

Celebrity fitness trainer, Dalton Wong who trained Jennifer Lawrence for X Men: First Class says that he customized her workout plan to accommodate her taste for a delicious life.

So, how can you get that Jennifer Lawrence body? The road to a well-toned body begins at home. Yes, ladies! If you aim to achieve that perfect hourglass figure, just hitting the gym will not do.

Dalton Wong believes that even the most time-crunched people can make time to work out. In an interview with Elle, Wong shares that he would have Jennifer do brief bursts of high-intensity interval training rounds. He states that they would focus a lot on core exercises and some stretches. Wong says that even though people might not have the hour to commit to doing something, a lot of them can spare 15 minutes. Doing these 15-minute high-intensity exercises in intervals of four would make up for an hour of exercise every day.

Get, Set and Move

Nothing inspires like nature! The saying holds for artists and fitness enthusiasts alike. If you cannot commit to hitting the gym immediately, start with taking a walk in the park. Bring out your active side with a full-intensity run or jog in the morning. Early-morning jogs do wonders for your skin and enhance the body’s metabolism throughout the day.

The best way to wake up after hours of slogging at work is to be active in nature. There are no hard and fast rules. The idea is to find a warm-up routine that suits you best.

The Hunger Games star who has been repeatedly photographed by paparazzi during her endless runs around Santa Monica, says that running is a part of her fitness regime. The Academy Award winner says that running helps in maintaining the action girl physique for her role in The Hunger Games action franchise.

The Right Snack for a Fitter Body

You may find it challenging to give up on snacking despite being on a strict weight loss regime. Did you know that the right type of snacks can help you lose weight? If Jennifer Lawrence has taught us anything, it is to eat right and work out fine.

Getting that Jennifer Lawrence body will be easier with the right snacks. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to snacking right.

One of the top favorites among weight-loss experts and fitness trainers are mixed nuts. Though nuts are high-fat options, eating them in moderation is the key. They make you feel full and lower cholesterol. Besides, nuts are packed with wholesome nutrients and are a great source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Lawrence loves fruits

Undoubtedly, fruits are one of the best options for snacking. They are healthy, low in fat, easy to carry and high on nutrients. Having a bowl of fruit salad is not only healthy but also filling. But, it is better to avoid the sweet toppings which are laden with calories.

Apple has long been coveted for aiding weight loss. Apples pack in fewer calories and more fiber. Several studies have linked eating apples with weight loss. Eating a whole apple helps reduce hunger and curb cravings which ultimately aids in weight loss.

Berries are a fun option to add some color to your fruit bowl. These nutrient-high fruits pair well with Greek Yogurt and make for a savory snack. Ditch the high-calorie dessert for a bowl of Greek Yogurt and crushed berries and notice the change in your body.

Here are some stats to help you out; 74 grams of blueberries contain just 42 calories and, 152 grams of strawberries have about 50 calories. Yet, these pack in Vitamin C and are a rich source of dietary fibers.

Alternatively, you can also try introducing avocado in your diet. It is believed to aid rapid weight loss and, you can even make a variety of dishes with them.

Wong says that he would always place some full-fat Greek yogurt, some dark chocolate, and some hummus and vegetables in Jennifer’s trailer during the shoot. The idea, Wong says, is to work with food and not against it. However, Wong often advises his clients to stay away from these foods.

What not to put in your mouth

Dalton Wong admits that he would never let Jennifer eat granola or protein bars. Their high sugar content makes them unfit for healthy snacking, says Wong. He often encourages his clients to make their own bars as it makes it easier to keep track of what’s going into them.

The Jennifer Lawrence body which is envied by women and men all around the world, takes perseverance, dedication, the right diet and of course, staying out of junk’s way.

The Jennifer Lawrence 15-minute workout

Dalton Wong writes about the routine he followed for training Jennifer Lawrence in his book The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier and Slimmer in 15 Minutes a Day. 

According to Wong, these 8 exercises will help you get in perfect shape if done regularly:

The Pendulum Lunge

This newer version of the traditional lunge helps to sculpture glutes and your thighs.

  • Begin the lunge with your feet together while holding dumbbells by your sides. The palms should be facing either side of your body.
  • Step your left foot back about 2-3 feet with your heel off from the floor. Bend your left knee closer towards the ground until your front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Now, press off the back foot and step forward into a front lunge. Lower the knee until the front thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Then press back and immediately do the back lunge.
  • Do this for 8-10 reps and then alternate the routine with the right leg.

Knee Push-ups

The knee push-ups are perfect for strengthening the chest, shoulders, and triceps at once. This is less strenuous than a full push-up and is apt for anyone who wants to build core strength.

  • Lay flat on a yoga mat and place hands just wider than shoulder-width apart and just below the shoulders.
  • Get into the startup position on your knees. Before beginning the push-up, it is crucial to control the correct posture. The hands should be fully stretched out and the back should be in a straight alignment with the head and knees. Tuck the stomach in, tense your glutes and keep the chest out.
  • Now, do the push-up on your knee. Remember, the chest should be a few inches off the ground and the body, back, and knee should always be in a straight line.
  • Do 10 reps and pause a moment after each push-up.
  • w

Back Toning Exercise

The Jennifer Lawrence body is incomplete without a perfectly toned back. Here are a few simple steps for getting that sexy back:

  • Start with a shallow squat. Your arms should be hanging down while holding weights. Choose the weights as per your comfort level but do not opt for the heavier ones.
  • Now, flex your arms and work the muscles. The arms should be bent and the elbows in alignment with your ribcage.
  • Put pressure on the abs and tighten them to maintain a straight spine.

Mountain Climbing Exercise

It is not easy to flaunt the Jennifer Lawrence body. The Mountain Climber is a boot camp workout that has been adopted by many celebrities into their fitness routine. This amazing full body workout for weight loss also helps to extend the core strength. It works out every muscle of the body starting from the deltoids, biceps, and triceps to the chest, abdominals, obliques, quads, hamstrings and even glutes.

  • Get into a plank position and ensure that your hands are a little wider than your shoulders. Ensure that the entire body is in a single straight alignment.
  • Now, draw your left knee towards the chest for a second without lifting your hip.
  • Swap the legs and repeat the cycle for a minute.

Kettlebell Squats

Nothing ensures a better booty than the good old squat. It was not easy for Jen to get into the skin of a superhero, but she did it anyway! The sizzling actor scorches up photoshoots and the red carpet with equal finesse, all thanks to her flawless body.

Here is how you can get closer to the Jennifer Lawrence body with squats:

  • Doing squats with weights is the best way to go! The kettlebell squat burns calories and shapes the buttocks at one go. Hold the kettlebell to your chest with your palms facing towards the body. Keep your feet apart and toes pointing forward.
  • Keep your chest out and lifted and push your hips out until your thighs are placed parallel to the floor.
  • Flex your butt and push through the heels to return to the initial position.

Side Planks

The side plank is one of the easiest methods to build strength and workout muscles.

  • Turn to your left side and raise the body off the ground with the support on your forearm. Remember to keep the feet together and the forearm right below the shoulder.
  • Squeeze your core and lift your hips until the body is in perfect straight alignment from the head to the feet.
  • Hold the position for 30 seconds and then switch sides.


The hyperextension works out the lower, upper and middle back while enhancing their endurance.

  • Come down to your stomach and stretch your arms out. Bring your head down so that it is in perfect alignment with the spine.
  • Now, slowly raise your upper body. The head and arms should be 3 inches off the floor.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds and then lower. Repeat this for a minute.

The Boxer

Yes, that Jennifer Lawrence body workout requires air boxing for closure.

  • Pull into a half squat position and position your fists at the armpits.
  • Swiftly make a punching posture with your left arm while ensuring that the fist is in line with the shoulder.
  • Alternate hands and pull punches in the air until the minute is up.

In addition to these power exercises, the Jennifer Lawrence body workout also includes pilates and yoga sessions. Thus, it can be safely concluded that the star’s workout plan matches her quirky personality and food-oriented lifestyle.


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