Kitchen Couture: Top Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends and Other Design Trends to Try

kitchen cabinet color trends

If your kitchen needs an update, why not bring it all the way up to date with hot trends? Learn about the latest kitchen cabinet color trends and more.

Kitchen cabinet color trends can be such a fun topic to focus your attention on. Color is at the root of behavior psychology, and what a better way to spend your time than to think about how to make your family and friends feel good when they enter your kitchen.

This is what design means, you set an intention to your creative thinking about the result you want to get. Color has always been used as one of the key elements to creating a feeling, a sensation, and functionality to the space.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Classic, contemporary, and retro, relate by era, and color is what reminds us of it. White has been a staple in modern designs because modern gives importance to the feeling of being enlightened.

Warmth is accomplished by darkening the white with a sensibility of each color and its effect on every mood.

Kitchen color trends evolve rapidly, as rapidly as the artist. The primary palette has expanded in an array of different tones, matte and shiny in tandem taking the wave of each tone rainbow.

Go Earthy

At the end of the day, it is all about how you like to feel. And the feel of today is al natural. As earthlings awake more and more to the importance of honoring their mother Earth by using natural in a spiritual rendezvous, natural it is.

Earthy colors that give you the feel of being around the fire, are in. Kitchen cabinetry is already trendy as a natural feel in a range of colors in two tones; natural neutrals with warm exotic earth hues and intense tonalities.

If you are into two tones effect, you can combine a strong neutral with a striking earthly color, to make your kitchen cabinetry stand out. Another choice is to choose a dark neutral hue and a warm natural hue.

Keep it Cool

Grays, blues, and greiges have been “in” in kitchen design throughout 2019, giving a clean, casual, comfortable atmosphere, sleek and sophisticated associated to the qualities to a modern kitchen, perhaps echoing the generation of “a hundred shades of gray.”

As spirituality awareness keeps overpowering addictive pleasure, a perfect balance of warm and cool undertones might not be all that a kitchen owner is going for; so, take a look at the meaning of color and its psychological effect in the body and the mind, and go natural, use pastel tones and think to heal.

If you love the look of darker colors in your kitchen but worry about the space feeling too heavy, there are a few tricks you can use to lighten things up. Painting some of the cabinet doors in a lighter color can help to brighten up the space, and removing some of the doors altogether can also help to create an airy feel. Using minimal ceramic tea sets and dishes on the shelves instead of heavier dishware can also help to keep the space feeling light, and adding a few well-placed shelves can provide a place for storage without making the room feel cluttered.

A Bit of Warmth

Reds and oranges have the quality of opening the appetite and making you hungry, a wonderful tone to keep a busy kitchen.

Yellows will make you feel happy and mentally bright, great color for educated wise conversations.

Blues and Greens make the mind feel peaceful and relaxed, giving a great earthly tonality to family times around the kitchen, inviting peaceful communication and tranquility.

You can see here how a look might complement your own space.

Purples and Indigos open portals to the sacred. A wonderful way to inspire profound meditation while cooking, and making those who enter the kitchen feel they are in sacred ground.

The Right Appliances

Appliances and Kitchenware are part of the fun. Your kitchen furniture counts, as well. Play around with the tones giving each object its own identity, compatible with the whole.

A contrasting stove in the same coloring of the cabinets might give a feeling of purpose. Take a look at the retro style stoves that come in wonderful pastels.

Couture means it is made-to-measure, almost entirely by hand, which gives the end result a unique value. Nothing mass-manufactured,  by making your kitchen couture you are focusing on authenticity and uniqueness, almost a collectors edition. Couture means you are one of the happy few.

Remember this when looking at the color palette. Authenticity and individual genius is what is in, today. As we enter the era of Aquarius and the skies open portals of electrical communication that look towards the future, you might even want to go planetary, and use constellations in your kitchen.

Consider Your Lighting

Use your color according to light and use light to enhance the experience of your color. The lighter your colors the more spacey your room will feel. Perhaps a whole white kitchen and jungle bamboo accessories are all you need.

It is your kitchen, have fun making it your canvas. To be trendy go simple. Use sustainable materials, eco-friendly paint, upcycled cabinets, use kitchen cabinet color trends for its effect in mood and clarity.

Go turquoise, avocado, or lemon. Be minimalist.

The point is to have fun with the process.

Vintage will never go out of style. Other design trends to try include giving character to your windows, the refrigerator, the stove, vintage can call for an era that makes you feel you travel time when you get home.

Retro is cool always, perhaps a fifties look in your refrigerator and toaster can give the perfect feel of a “future” that already happened. Glass is coming back, as plastic ends its cycle.

Or why not go galactic, and fill your house with empty space. Simplicity and order continue to rise in a busy world, where essential and elemental still stands out to be the ultimate luxury.

Remember, you can always check out our blog for more information on how to create the look and feel of a kitchen you love.


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