Independent Living vs Assisted Living: What Sets Them Apart?

independent living vs assisted living

There are almost 29,000 assisted living communities in the United States.

Assisted living involves hands-on care. Independent living offers many different services and is not the same as assisted living.

If you or a loved one can no longer live on their own, or maintain a home, you may want to consider these options.

Continue reading to discover the differences between independent living vs assisted living.

1. Level of Care

One of the biggest differences between independent living vs assisted living is the levels of care provided.

Independent living is meant for people who can take care of daily activities. This type of community takes care of hospitality tasks like housekeeping and landscaping. Independent living has security and dining centers as well.

The assisted living levels of care are unlike independent communities.

If you need a home that offers assistance with showering, dressing, and taking medications, this is the place to go. Assisted living communities are meant to help people by providing 24/7 help from medical professionals.

Both communities have areas to socialize and host events. They have support and discussion groups as well. Nearly all living places should offer shuttling services and exercise rooms.

2. Price Range

Independent living costs typically include rent and utilities. Additional expenses for memberships, like golf courses and pools, may not be included in the original cost. You should also consider meal plans at these centers.

Unfortunately, Medicare, Medicaid, and long term care insurance won’t work here. You will have to cover expenses with personal funds and savings.

Assisted living prices include rent, utilities, and care expenses. They are all combined at a base rate. Adding services will cost more depending on your needs. If one on one care is not included in the base rate you can hire in-home care professional.

Financial assistance is available for those with low-income and in need of assisted care.

3. Living Areas

Depending on the type of home that you choose, you will be living in a different layout of space.

Assisted living centers are set up like an apartment. Some include kitchens but may cost more money. Assisted living is meant to be a memory care unit for people with cognitive impairment. They often offer increased security as well.

Independent living can be called many different names. Adult communities, senior apartments, and retirement homes are all independent living centers. The homes are meant for those 55 and older. They include areas to spend time with other people in the building that gives a sense of community. Residents can still live independently.

These homes are similar to a townhouse or apartment-style.

Independent Living vs Assisted Living: Which Will You Choose?

As you age, tending to a home and landscaping can become exhausting.

Depending on your needs, the debate is between independent living vs assisted living. If you are looking for a retirement home so that you can still live independently, an independent living facility is best for you.

Those with higher needs of care should consider an assisted living center. These centers are meant for those who need help with daily living activities.

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