Best Essential Oils for Bug Bites


Even though the summer weather might make it very tempting for you to spend all your time outdoors, but there is always the danger that some insect is lurking somewhere and might bite you.You can Visit Revive for essential oils for bug bites.

Mosquitoes, bugs, bugs and other stinging insects might bite you and kill your plans of staying outside. These bites are painful and uncomfortable, sure but not all of them require medical intervention. In fact, you can cure some of these ailments with natural treatments as well. Natural treatments like essential oils are great for bug bites. Though there are many plant oils, the best essential oil for bug bites is listed in this article.

These essential oils which are derived from plants have many strong properties that help them to ease itchiness, irritation, and other infections that are caused on the skin because of bug bites. These oils help by quickly breaking the toxins down that are present in the bug bite and make the bite harmless in minutes, thereby speeding up the process of recovery.

The undesirable symptoms of bug bites are usually caused by the venom that is injected into your body by a bug; however the exact severity of your bug bite largely depends upon the type of bug that bit you and the amount of venom that has entered your body.

bug bites cause inflammation, redness and mild pain and can be easily alleviated by using natural oils. In fact, these essential natural oils have historically been used for treating insect bites since centuries. Thus, even though you should watch out for adulterated oils, if you come by genuine tea tree oils and use them, they will really help you in treating bug bites.

This article will tell you the names of what essential oil to use for bug bites:

Lavender essential oil is very relaxing and calming. It has many potent medicinal properties. Using lavender oil on your skin will help you in repelling insects and preventing them from biting  firstly. Furthermore, a few drops of this oil when diluted in another carrier oil will also help in soothing bug bites. These bug bites tend to heal quicker and with no scarring. You will also be able to feel a soothing sensation during the pain relief process.

Eucalyptus essential oil is naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory hence, it helps in combating bug stings or bites. bug bites often cause infections and eucalyptus essential oils help in reducing such infections.

Tea Tree oil help to maintain a healthy skin and naturally boost the immune system. Thus, it is one of the best oils for bug bites. Use pure tea tree essential oil to make sure that it is the highly beneficial. You do not want adulterated oil that is laden with synthetic compounds to reduce the efficacy of your treatment. Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and hence it helps to clean out wounds and relieve stinging, itching and inflammation that is caused due to bug bites. You can make insect repellent oil with ten drops of tea tree essential oil, ten drops of lavender essential oil, half cup of witch hazel and one and a half cup of water mixed together, and by storing the mixture in a tight bottle.

Peppermint oil can also be used to ease the itch from bug bites. You can mix some amount of peppermint oil with a mildly-smelling carrier oil such as olive oil. Because peppermint essential oil has a cooling effect on the skin, it helps to reduce the burning and the severe stinging sensations that are often caused by the bug venom. By acting as a cooling agent, it helps the sting cure faster.

Rosemary essential oil also helps one overcome painful bites. It helps in repelling a broad range of insects species , helps in soothing the sting from bug bites and makes the scars heal faster. Dilute rosemary oil in some water or another carrier oil before applying it on the skin to avoid skin irritation.

Camphor oil is also very well-suited for treating bug bites because of its many medicinal properties. It helps to prevent septic wounds and helps prevent the skin from getting badly affected by bug bites. However, camphor oil is pretty potent so use it with caution and in a reasonable quantity to avoid further complications.

Chamomile essential oil also helps in alleviating the emotional distress and stress that is caused by a bug bite. This oil prevents the affected areas from getting inflamed; thus it helps in stopping the itching, and burning caused by bug bites. It is sometimes a lot better than OTC drugs that are available for treating skin irritation. Chamomile oils also help lesions to heal, and also help in drastically reducing the swelling, discomfort and soreness.

Lemongrass essential oil also helps in reducing chances that an insect will bite you in the first place, because it has many antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in enhancing one’s mood, relaxing one’s muscles, relieving headaches that are often caused due to the emotional distress caused by bug bites.

Basil essential oil is also helpful in curing bug bites. If you apply the essential oil to the bug bite directly (or sting), it will help in reducing the swelling and overcome pain as well as other symptoms tend to go away. But make sure that you dilute the oil before applying it to the wound.

Thyme essential oil makes an essential oil for bug bites because of its antiseptic properties. Thyme contains a component known as thymol that helps in soothing the itchiness, redness and pain. You can also blend eucalyptus & thyme essential oils together and then, apply it for best results until the scars have completely vanished and your skin will look as healthy as before.

Thus, if you can try out the benefits of all these essential oils for a bug bite that are mentioned before, you will be able to put up an effective fight against bug bites. Make sure that you take necessary precautions before venturing out into the open so that you are adequately prepared.



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