3 Things That You Can Use a Bullet Journal for

3 Things That You Can Use a Bullet Journal for

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In the age of incredibly powerful digital tools, ubiquitous Internet access, and technological innovations that promise to change the world on a virtually daily basis, it’s really interesting that the Bullet Journal has taken off as it has.

Originally created by a man named Ryder Carroll, the “Bullet Journal Method,” is a system of organising your entire life via an old-fashioned paper notebook, and pen. And for many people, it offers some pretty revolutionary benefits.

Bullet Journalling is part tech-detox, part mindfulness meditation, part productivity-boosting personal organiser system, and part minimalist ethos in the face of the growing complexity of everyday life. And, miraculously, it manages to achieve a lot of what the best digital personal organiser tools can, using nothing more than a simple set of symbols, and a contents table.

Here are just a few things that you can use Bullet Journal for.

One of the great “innovations” of the Bullet Journal Method, is that it allows you to consolidate all of your notes, plans, and routines, in one intuitive location and system – courtesy of a modular set up and layout, and a table of contents page that links back to specific pages throughout the book.

With the Bullet Journal, you can skip back and forth between shopping lists, habit trackers, monthly calendar spreads, and personal diary entries, while still being able to find what it is you’re looking for in a hurry.

Keeping things organised in your life is often a bit of a tricky and chaotic process. You’re likely to have notes scattered around the house on stray bits of paper, to do lists saved on digital apps, and maybe an exercise log recorded in a separate notebook. The Bullet Journal Method allows you to keep everything together in one notebook, and can, therefore, simplify your life in a great way.

  • Planning and tracking your goals for the future

Bullet Journals are great for gaining a sense of perspective on what it is you’re doing from day to day, and what it is you’ve been doing in the past.

More than this, though, Bullet Journals also lend themselves brilliantly to organising and planning your goals for the future, tracking habits, and moving towards your dreams.

Bullet Journals follow a “plug and play” structure, meaning that you can easily set yourself a reminder on one page to do some research at this site for streamlining your application process to an Ivy League University, While using another cluster of pages to track your assigned reading, and another to record your social calendar.

Bullet Journals, in other words, help you to get an excellent bird’s eye perspective on things, and make plans that actually work.

  • Decluttering your mind, de-stressing, and gaining a sense of perspective

A major component of the Bullet Journal Method is the “brain dump” that is involved in the recording and organising of different ideas, thoughts, and reminders.

The system employed by the Bullet Journal Method is, in this sense, similar to the “inbox” component of David Allen’s famous Getting Things Done task-management system – a system that is widely regarded as being an excellent way of destressing, and decluttering your mind.

Apart from this, though, there’s also evidence that the simple act of writing using pen and paper has therapeutic benefits, and can help to reduce stress levels and increase feelings of well-being.


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