6 Foods In Your Diet That Are Killing Your Sex Life

6 Foods In Your Diet That Are Killing Your Sex Life

Erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive are a growing concern among men of all ages. The major reason for this is the diet. You eat what you think is good for you and ignore the facts. Here are some foods that are found in the diet of almost every man but kills the sex life.

1.     Decaffeinated drinks

We know you love your source of daily energy, coffee. And here we bring another reason to love it. Possibly, you don’t have any idea of what role your daily coffee plays in your bed. It has biological reasons as caffeine intake is considered to make a considerable impact on your circulation. It improves the functioning of small blood vessels that increases blood flow. This is a good sign both for your heart health as well as sex life. Sex is hard enough and nothing can work better than a cup of caffeine to perk your penis up, on a tiring day. Also, make certain that you don’t consume too much caffeine. It might create other health problems.

2.     Processed and canned foods

Processed and canned food packets are said to contain Bisphenol-A, a chemical that inhibits the level of sex hormones. So, you need to avoid every food that is packed in plastics and cans. For examples, tomatoes are good for a man’s prostate, heart, and sexual health. But canned tomatoes are high in BPA which are found to be associated with decreased sexual desire and impotence. This is why you should look avoid canned foods and look for BPA – free labels. Also, don’t store your food in plastic containers or cans, rather make use of glass or ceramic containers.

3.     Sugar

Sugar is present everywhere and this is a fact that every human has a soft corner for the tempting desserts. You might be the one who avoids a spoonful of sugar in your morning tea, but you definitely end up consuming it in several other ways. The sex hormone controlling genes are highly affected by blood sugar levels. A sugar-rich diet impacts the overall cardiovascular health which again affects the penis health and leads to erectile dysfunction or impotence. It reduces the level of testosterone hormones and lowers your libido. If you want a healthy sex life, make sure you don’t pave way for too much sugar. Avoid eating too many desserts and stick to naturally occurring sugars as much as possible.

4.     Cruciferous vegetables

By this, we don’t mean to advise you to jump on animal meat. But going completely vegan can also be harmful. Wait, don’t strike off broccoli and cabbage from your diet, rather be careful of cruciferous vegetables a little. The family of cruciferous vegetables impacts the production level of sweat, semen, breath, and urine. This indirectly affects your sex life by lowering libido and sex drive. So, make sure your diet has enough animal protein as well as veggies in required proportion. A balanced diet is all you need to maintain good cardiovascular health.

5.     Fried foods

Fried foods are good for almost nothing and only satisfy your taste buds. They affect you are the heart health and also becomes a barrier to smooth sexual function. Fried foods include hearing up of oil for high temperatures. This makes the food extremely unhealthy and leads to several cancer, heart diseases, obesity and cholesterol problems. Erectile dysfunction is also a result of obesity, the roots of which are fried foods. So, anything that makes you gain weight and lose your healthy size kills your sex life indirectly. It’s time to go easy on your favorite doughnuts and fries if you want to be hard in bed.

6.     Alcohol

Boozing up might give you the courage to approach your partner and set the best pickup lines. However, going too hard on it might create problems for your sex life later. Alcohol is considered to lead to erectile dysfunction and the killing of sex drive. This is because regular drinks reduce the testosterone levels in your blood. This affects your blood flow and creates problems in maintaining an erection during sexual activity. However, quitting completely on alcohol is also not necessary. Moderate drinking is considered to be healthy as it helps strengthen the heart cells and fight heart attacks.

These foods kill your sex life directly or indirectly. Make sure to eliminate these from your diet chart and prepare a new chart, keeping in mind your sex life.

What to eat?

Now the question is, what should you eat? Yes, there are varieties of foods available in the market that can confuse you on what to eat and what not to maintain a healthy sex life. Here’s a short list to help you out:

  • Variety of meats, but only in a considerable amount.
  • Oysters
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Apples
  • Garlic
  • Red wine
  • Avocado and Pomegranate

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