5 Traveling Tips For Dog Owners

5 Traveling Tips For Dog Owners

If well prepared, traveling with your dog can be quite pleasant and even exciting, you just need to know how to take advantage of the situation. Here are some tips to help you prepare and explore new traveling possibilities you might not have experienced without your pet around.

1. Prerequirements

First of all, be sure you have everything checked before your departure. There are some common mistakes that can cause potential problems which can ruin your vacation for good. No matter how irrelevant these might sound, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Updating the Pet ID

If your dog should find himself lost in any scenario,it is best to make sure he has up-to-date contact information. Although the chip is the most secure way of backing him up, he can also have his ID on the collar and on his carrier.

Ensuring a Pet Health Certificate

When traveling by plane, be aware that airplanes require you to have an up-to-date pet health certificate that proves your dog has been checked and vaccinated. Usually, this certificate is considered current only within ten days. Be sure to check these requirements with your airline.

Booking the Flight

Consider booking an early morning or an evening flight just so as to avoid any temperature extremes if you plan on having your dog fly in the cargo bay.

Making a Checklist

Make a detailed checklist of everything you need to take with you. Of course, this is not necessary, but it will surely alleviate the additional stress of having to constantly go through the list in your head.

2. On the Road

As previously stated, dogs don’t handle temperature extremes well. On warm days, the heat in cars can increase to life-threatening temperatures when left closed, so in no case should you leave your dog inside a parked car.

You should feed your dog a few hours before the departure, as feeding them any sooner may lead to sickness during the ride.

This goes for exercising them as well. You should make the time to do it as it will calm them during the trip, but keep in mind that it should be done several hours before you depart so as to prevent them from being hot and thirsty in the car.

3. Aids and Apps

There are great phone apps out there that can help and provide you with any kind of information you need regarding the local dog facilities. Give them a try as they can prove to be as fun as they are practical – and maybe even indispensable.


Petlas is a global database of pet-friendly places and services such as vets, restaurants, and parks. You can even find other dog owners when you enter your location which can lead you to unexpected encounters.

Pet First Aid – Red Cross

This is an app that not only helps you locate the nearest emergency hospital but also provides you with different types of instructions, step-by-step and how to videos for any emergency procedure.

All Trails

For the adventurous travelers, All Trails reveals the largest collection of trail maps for hikers and other active dog owners. It will let you know what trails are pet-friendly and provide you with directions.

Bring Fido

Bring Fido is irreplaceable when it comes to finding any kinds of dog-friendly locations, hotels, restaurants, and attractions, which includes helpful reviews and photos from other users. Also, you can filter out more specific information.

4. Mind the Quarantine Periods

Although most countries will require only the vaccination and health certificate at the border, some countries have more strict regulations and may require you to leave your dog quarantined, some even for a longer period like the UK.

Don’t let this prevent you from traveling, there are many myths around this topic, you should just make sure to get informed on time. And there are plenty of Dog friendly retreats in the UK you shouldn’t miss out on because of this concern.

5. Alternative Solutions

Of course, you can always consider the option of leaving your dog at someone’s care while you’re away. Here are different solutions to this, some of which you might feel more comfortable with:

  • Leavin them at a kennel, boarding facility or a pet hotel
  • Having them stay at your local vet
  • Finding a volunteer

5 Traveling Tips For Dog Owners

All of this isn’t supposed to come as an additional bother but is mentioned precisely to take away any unnecessary concerns and leave you with more time for fun and engaging activities with your dog.


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