Is It Possible for Your Clothes and Jewelry to Reflect Your Personality?

Is It Possible for Your Clothes and Jewelry to Reflect Your Personality?

How you dress and what accessories you choose to compliment your outfits tell everyone you meet a lot about your personality. One day you may be dressed up, with every hair in place and the next day, you could be as plain as the day is long.

When you choose to wear custom made jewelry, you are telling the world you value your uniqueness. You enjoy something that was created especially for you, and you wear it proudly.

Others will choose something that suits their mood and their wardrobe. Here is what your clothing and your jewelry say about your personality.

Handmade Jewelry

These are the one-of-a-kind pieces that you are requesting someone to make just for you. You don’t want to show up at work or a party and see the same bracelet, necklace or set of earrings on another woman. You may shop at a boutique or a craft fair to make sure you are going to be the only one with that specially-made gem.

Your style is all your own and you decide what you want to wear based on your mood and your comfort level, not someone else’s idea of fashion. You may make your own clothing or mix and match something to create that distinctive look that is all yours.

High End Best

If you choose your clothing and jewelry based on labels and name brands, you won’t settle for anything less than the best. You may need to save your paychecks for a few weeks, but you are determined to purchase what you want.

You are a goal setter and expect nothing less than perfection from yourself and those around you. You keep yourself and your life in the best shape possible and take care of the jewels you took time to select and save money for.

Hippie Chic

You are your own person and no trend will tell you what to wear or how to wear it. You dress as if you are back in the 60s with a clean and carefree style.

Your jewelry is more flowers, colorful gems, and turquoise. You like long necklaces and even longer earrings. Your outfits and accessories seem to flow like a gentle breeze and you don’t let anything or anyone bother you.


This is the woman that won’t leave the house without her standard size string of pearls. You match the pearls with small stud earrings of either gold or pearls and hardly anything else.

You wear pantsuits and pencil skirts with blazers to work and you have no time for nonsense. When you go out on the town, you may add a simple gold bracelet or nice silver watch and a splash of muted colors in a larger handbag or high heels.

Look at Me

This woman will wear one large necklace, like a goddess choker of gold or amazon bracelets with her evening gown. She wants everyone to know she is beautiful and comfortable in her own skin.

She exercises and takes care of herself because she wants people to notice how hard she works. She may not always be the center of attention, but she knows all eyes will be on her at some point in the night, typically when she enters a room.


This woman is going to wear bright colors and bold jewels. She may have cat earrings and a dog pendant, but she doesn’t care because they are fun and she likes them.

Her clothing is comfortable above all else. She may work in retail, an animal shelter or a grocery store where she is valued for her individuality. Her jewelry doesn’t get in the way of her active job or lifestyle but adds to her identity.


This is an individual that likes the classics of long ago. The pieces of jewelry she purchases, mainly at second-hand stores, may be large and chunky, yet have a lot of details. The colors are different than the bright hues of today and they match her down-to-earth style of dress. Mostly coral and light rose colors are the pieces she gravitates towards.

This woman is comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt or a flowing skirt and lacy blouse. She gardens take care of the Earth and when she can.

Color Coordinated

This woman is organized and responsible. Her clothing will match her shoes and handbag at all times. There is no mixing of colors, only matching.

Her wardrobe is pre-arranged in her very much ordered closet. She may vary a certain shade of pink, green or red in her clothing, but never her gold or silver jewelry, it always matches.

Tomboy or Boy Friend

This woman likes a man’s style. She may wear the “boyfriend” jeans or men’s looking pants to work, but wears simple jewelry to maintain her femininity.

An unassuming thin chain necklace, with or without a pendant, and gold stud earrings are her go-to pieces. There is nothing fancy about her clothing or jewels.


This woman has curves and knows how to showcase them. She wears off the shoulder dresses or strapless shirts and accents her wardrobe with a long delicate chain necklace that lands just right on her chest.

It’s not always about leather and lace, or rose colors, but in how she wears her clothes. A small bracelet with a twinkling charm that sways when she moves is the perfect accent to any outfit.

Trend Setters

These women aren’t afraid to try the latest in clothing and jewelry, even if everyone else was still wearing last season’s garments. Their jewelry is often bold and not what you would expect.

They may find their inspiration among celebrities and know that what they wear has been tailor-made for them. They understand that fashion and jewelry have their fads, but the style will last forever.

No matter what your style of dress and jewelry are today, wear it proudly for you can change it tomorrow. Do what makes you feel good, inside and out.


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