Making the Most Out of Your Storage Unit: Tips and Tricks

Making the Most Out of Your Storage Unit: Tips and Tricks

Having public storage is a very good deal, especially when you have many things to store. You might want to clean your house, or simply keep them for another time and place – you have also to take care of your public storage.

We have written some tips and tricks to help you have the best experience with your storage. If you have not found one, public storage Yonkers is the best one for you.

Take care of the space

Of course, we always worry about our stuff, and we are concerned whether they will be safe in the storage or not. But the unit is also very important, and you have to protect it. There are many fees which you would have to pay in case you scar the unit while you’re using it. Let’s take a clear example: if you want to use the storage unit for furniture or for restoration, just keep in mind that the plastic off the walls and from the floors will have to catch glue drips and sprays – do not let them get to the actual wall.

Be Tidy

Even if you have a small storage unit, you can still make the most out of it, by arranging your stuff properly so they can all fit. This means that you have to pack them until you get to the ceiling. It’s best to bring plywood in order to make sure that you can stabilize layers when you put them up and up until there’s no more place. It will help in keeping all of your stuff safe and also in taking the pressure off the top of your boxes.

All the heavy items go at the bottom

You need to make a strategy before you start putting things in your storage unit. If you just add them, you would not get enough space for you to move between your things and it will leave the impression of piles of unorganized stuff. The vertical space is also one you should take into account – it can give you a lot of extra room in the unit.

Make sure you put the heaviest things on the bottom of your unit. This is what will allow you to make a solid base. Then, keep putting, and leave the lightest and smallest on the top.

Take care of the fragile items

It is normal to worry about ruining your fragile stuff. However, you cannot work with this in the storage, and you cannot leave them not protected. Make sure you pack them if you want them to be safe. And find them a place just for them, don’t let them hang out randomly in the storage. Take some boxes, put some old blankets and then store there your breakable things. If they are larger, it might be a good idea to wrap them very carefully in a bubble wrap or tap them in one place.


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