The Perks of Using a Software to Conduct Certification Programs

The Perks of Using a Software to Conduct Certification Programs


The corporate world is updating itself to a better version every day. To keep up with this dynamic industry, it is extremely important for professionals to update their knowledge and skills. Certification software can help them regarding this. This software can guide the professionals to reach the proficiency level they need to survive in the corporate world. This is vital as they need to gain recognition in this competitive industry to move forward in their career. Also, the company can customize the test according to their requirements which will help the employees to understand the level of expertise expected from them. Also, the companies can find out the area of expertise of the employees by using this certification software and use their workforce more efficiently and effectively than before.

Value addition:

This software is capable of helping the company as well as its employees or the other candidates in several ways, some of which are as follows:

  • Using this software, the students or the employees of the company can experience learning for a lifetime. It will help them to gain knowledge according to the requirements which are necessary to maintain their professionalism.
  • This software helps in continuous skill improvement of the professionals. The company can choose the questions and monitor the tests according to their desired proficiency level. Hence it will help the employees to understand their current skill levels and will motivate them to work hard in order to improve themselves. By developing their skills, they can prove themselves to be an ideal fit for the organization.
  • Through this software, the companies can provide support for their employees in various forms. For an example, companies use media such as images, videos, flash etc. for a better understanding of the employees. Also, software simulators are available to measure their skills.

How this works:

This software helps in the conduction certification program in a few steps, which are:

  • Create
  • Deliver
  • Monitor
  • Certify

In the “Create” step, the tasks need to be fulfilled are:

  • Managing the type of questions
  • Creating workflows based on the sections
  • Providing sufficient support for the employees through the media
  • Testing through software simulators
  • Customizing the logic of assessment

Companies choose the topic, type of questions and the necessary proficiency level of the employees according to the organizational requirements. They can decide whether they should give MCQ type questions or descriptive type questions for assessment. Based on the types of questions, the question paper can be divided into several sections. The time limits and cutoff for each section can be customized according to its difficulty level. After this grading logic is decided based on the organizational requirements. A rich source of support is provided for a better understanding of the candidates by using various types of media in questions such as videos and images. In this step, software simulators are used to evaluate the hands-on software skills of the employees.

After the first step is complete, in the “Deliver” step, the tasks which need to be done are:

  • Offering a discount
  • Providing easy payment procedure
  • Providing browser-based delivery
  • Increasing the brand value of the company

Most of the time, discount coupons are provided to encourage the professionals to run the marketing campaigns. Candidates have the facility of easy and secure payment option through online using websites like PayPal. Also, they do not need to download anything like the question paper or payment receipts as this software provides browser-based delivery. As the certification software makes the procedures easy for the candidates, there is a chance that the brand value of the company will increase for them and they will become more loyal to the company.

Next is the “Monitor” step. The things to do in this step are:

  • Monitoring the video live
  • Providing automatic behavior alerts
  • Authorizing and controlling the tests
  • Taking reviews for the sessions

In this step, the company can monitor and view the screen of each of the candidates live to ensure that the test is being taken by them in a fair manner. In case any unexpected behavior of any candidate is detected, automatic behavior alerts will come up and give warnings. Also, auto-generated alerts are displayed while processing images, videos, and audios for the test. Before starting the test, this software authenticates and gives access to the candidates. They are given authorization for starting, pausing and ending the test. Authorized candidates can also supervise their test resume. At the end of this step, the entire session is recorded with video or audio for reviewing purpose.

 The next step is  “Certify”.  The main goals of this step are:

  • Managing and distributing the certificates
  • Generating reports and analyzing the results

Management and distribution of the certificates are done according to the following steps:

  • Designing the certificates
  • Authenticating the certificates
  • Customizing the workflow

In this phase, the first thing to do is to choose the appropriate design for the certificates with the necessary QR codes and custom data. After this, the certificates can be verified online or offline by using the verification URL or the QR codes. These certificates are provided based on the pre-determined performance criteria of the organization.

Report generation and analysis of the results are done according to the following steps:

  • Providing complete reports to the candidates
  • Providing group level reports
  • Providing the analysis of the candidate’s performance

In this phase, a detailed report is given to the candidates, which evaluates their performances by each of the questions using charts and graphs. Group level reports are combined with the benchmark scores of the test. Also, a candidate’s performance and skills are analyzed by using the data analytics and detailed insights are given to them.


The facilities for using this software are:

  • It is easy to use and requires less training.
  • This software is extremely flexible. So customizing contents, reports etc. become easier.
  • Customer care service is available for it to provide support to users via phone, email etc.


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