How To Assess The Efficacy Of Your Customer Service Platform


Making sure consumer gets the assistance and information they require includes evaluating customer support. Customer service platforms like Notificare are used across many businesses today. Managers and decision-makers can improve their company operations by employing such platforms. This article outlines the top 6 metrics your business can employ to evaluate your customer service platform’s efficiency. Let’s take a look.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

The CSAT score is essential because it gives you a clear understanding of how content your customers are with the quality of service you are providing. Usually, questionnaires are used to collect this information after a call or other customer interaction. Simply asking the consumer how pleased they were on a scale of 1 to 5 can do this. The next step would be to divide the total number of fours and fives by the total answer count. The CSAT score is then determined by multiplying the result by 100.

Net Promoter Rating (NPS)

While CSAT concentrates on specific behavior or time-based events, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is one of the easiest and most accurate indicators of customer care’s effect on the patient’s view of your company. NPS reveals the probability that customers will tell their family and friends about your product or service. Baluu Booking Software

The NPS measurement uses the terms “promoters” and “detractors” to compute results from questionnaire responses. Promoters are customers who are most inclined to recommend your company’s products and services, while detractors are less likely to do so. 

Total Resolution Rate

When a client asks a question or complains, your objective is to end the loop and address the issue. The customer could be apprehensive about dealing with you again if you don’t respond right away or aren’t able to offer adequate help. High-resolution rates could be a sign of your customer service team’s efficiency.

Average Ticket Count

The average ticket count indicates the number of assistance or customer support questions your team usually handles. These can be monitored regularly, weekly, bimonthly, annually,  or above.

More tickets may indicate that your customer support system is user-friendly and efficient. Still, they may also suggest that consumers frequently have difficulties and that your services or products may not be good enough.

Interaction Abandonment Rates.

Conversations, live chat sessions, and emails left after the allotted time can all be termed abandoned engagements. Customer satisfaction will increase as your failed engagement rates decline.

Why do customers stop interacting with brands?

  • Time-consuming and long waiting periods.
  • They go through a complicated process where they are transferred from agent to agent or asked to complete a challenging task.
  • They think the operator said something unpleasant or aggressive.

Average Handle Time (AHT)

AHT evaluates the time duration of client interaction. Only the usual length of a talk is included; resolution time is not. The duration of the conversation or discussion, including any waiting period, is considered by AHT. Since the two are related, you can minimize your cost per talk by reducing your AHT. AHT is often crucial for customer service executives but can be unpleasant for employees. Some customers understand concepts immediately, while others require a little more assistance, so variations in AHT are to be anticipated. Improving your responsiveness is a great strategy to lower your AHT quickly.

Bottom Line

To create the best possible customer experience, monitor the efficiency of your customer service platform.

Customer support and assistance are multifaceted, cross-disciplinary jobs. These teams handle numerous customer issues, inquiries, and worries regarding your services or products and their encounters with your company. Thus when choosing top customer service platforms like Notificare, look out for Notificare pricing models to make an informed decision.


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