Makeup Color To Match Your Skin Tone

Makeup Color To Match Your Skin Tone

Have you ever looked at someone who wears makeup on the face which is extremely dark in comparison to their skin tone or skin color? For instance, their face looks orange in color while there is paleness on their neck region. There is a multitude of fashion trends which one can try, being it using eyeliner or a lip shade. Well, it might be easier to get a perfect lip color or super stylish cat eyes. However, you may struggle to look for a foundation that properly matches your skin tone, learn more about makeup matching here.

Once you step down in the market for buying an appropriate foundation, then you can easily get confused, especially when you go to a local medical store or a fashion store. In order to get the most suitable product, we are here with some cool advice.

So, if you are freaking out because you are not sure which foundation or concealer would go for your skin tone, then you don’t need to worry at all. With the help of beauticians and makeup icons, we have summarized the top 5 things that you must know about before deciding the best makeup colors that will work for you. The top 5 tips for buying makeup color that matches your skin tone are mentioned below:

1.    Undermine your skin tone

This is one of the most important things that you have to consider before you buy any particular makeup product. For determining your skin tone, one must wear a white shirt or a t-shirt and be in the optimum natural lighting. Then, see yourself in the mirror. You can decide that your skin tone is warm if your skin seems to be on the red or yellow side. On the other hand, you possess a cool skin tone if the skin appears to be on the bluish pink side.

2.    Determine your skin color

There are majorly four colors of skin and that is fair skin color, medium, olive skin color, and dark skin color. People having a similar skin color could possess various skin tones. For instance, you could have fair color skin with a cool skin tone but your friend might have a fair skin color with a warm skin tone. And the skin color is very much dependent upon the heredity and the ethnicity. So, you can make the appropriate makeup a shade if you know your skin color rightly.

3.    Choosing a foundation

Undertones should be matched before buying a particular foundation. Now, if your skin tone is very much differential from your skin color, then it becomes a little confusing. For example, if you possess a yellowish skin tone with a medium skin color then the foundation having a slight yellowish tint would be best for you.

4.    Eye makeup and lip color

You may appear a little bulkier if you do not put makeup on your cheeks and lips. But keep in mind your skin tone to make a complimentary combination of your cheek blush and lip color with your skin tone. The shades like dark red, brown, beige and golden would work best if you have a warm skin tone. However, shades such as pink rose color and blue would suit the most for those who have a cool skin tone.

5.    Skin texture is equally important

Powder containing products would be most appropriate for those who have oily skin. Crème based products would be a great choice for those who have dry skin. Make sure to go for the products that possess a label of anti-allergic or especially for sensitive skin if you possess sensitive skin.

6.    Choose the appropriate brushes for your makeup

Go for powder brushes if you have brought powder-based products (especially for those who have oily skin). You should have powder brushes, brushes for blush and eyeshadows for getting a natural appearance. One should have proper blending tools and sponges if one is using crème based products.


Because all of us want to look beautiful and to look great is not that complicated. All you need is the right guidance and the appropriate choice. Therefore, these top 6 tips would surely be beneficial for you if you consider before buying the makeup.


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