Importance of daily greetings which you must know

Importance of daily greetings which you must know

Our country, India, is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to culture and science. Although most of you may not believe it, there was a time when our country was a pioneer in science and in technology. Many scientific things came to the world thanks to us Indians. The fact that we as Indians were always so full of love for nature, science and other things, we had certain traditions.

Now, most of these traditions have found a way to our new and modern lives as well. We were and still are firm believers of love, and we respect. As Indians, we love to show our love in various forms. Our lives are intermingled with reasons and various other things. Furthermore, our greetings, such as Namaste, good morning and good night in Hindi are something to witness and keep close until the end of the time. Our modern world has given us a variety of Shubh Ratri messages messages, good morning texts, and images, etc. to make sure that we can continue to spread the joy.

Indians have a way with greetings, and they make sure that every greeting comes from their soul. What’s more is that, despite our lives being different and hectic, it is easy for us to find the correct way to greet people who miles away from us.

Importance of Indian Good Morning explained!

Indians love to wish good morning so much that there was the time that Indians, solely Indians, clogged up the internet with their good morning and Su Prabhat messages. It was found, only a few years ago, that from early morning until 8 AM, Indians were sending good morning messages. Although it may sound like a silly thing to boast about, it only goes on to say that, we Indians, simply love wishing each other good morning.

The Indian way of saying Good Morning is “Su Prabhat” or “Shubh Prabhat.” In the modern lingo, our world is basically making use of the term “Su Prabhat” more than the other counterpart. Although there have been many people who have claimed that these two terms mean the same, there is a minute difference in the two. Surely, they are similar, but they are not the same.

“Su Prabhat” is a modern and an easier version of the term “Shubh Prabhat.” It stands simply for Good Morning in Hindi. On the other hand, “Shubh Prabhat” holds a holy meaning and is used on days when the person is about to do something important. The true meaning of the term “Shubh Prabhat,” can be translated to auspicious morning in English.

In other words, you can find various text messages online for the same, and you can offer your greetings to your loved ones properly with the help of these messages. What’s more is that you can even write a message of your own and broadcast it to your friends and family to make them feel loved and cared for.

Importance of Indian Good Night explained!

Good Night in the Indian language is quite simple, and it does not have anything complicated to it. The Hindi version of a good night is “Subh Ratri,” and it means only one thing, and that is to have a good night. Indians are big on offering greetings and helping people know that they care, which is why we still continue to value our culture of greeting people with all of our hearts.

More about greetings in India

Whether you come from a different part of India or you come from another country, you will have to know that Indians are quite personal and they do not usually follow the same concepts of greetings as others do.

However, here is some information to help you make the most out greeting people in India:

  • Know that Indians do not hug or kiss each other easily unless they want to be close to that person.
  • Indians shake hands more often than not and value namaste. Namaste is a term for “my soul greets you” and can be used as a greeting, an apology or as a parting message.
  • Furthermore, it is expected that whenever you see an elderly, you will touch their feet in order to show your respect.

With many things to make up the India culture, there is a lot going on in the country. If you wish to make sure that you greet fellow Indians properly or you wish to find the meaning behind the Indian ways of greeting, then understand the culture of India first.


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