True Essence of Middle-Eastern countries


Taking a break from busy-scheduled life is something every one of us plans to do. Spending some non-hectic hours or days with family and friends gives immense pleasure. Going for a tour with our loved ones is always fun-filled, and one needs to make the best plan to choose the right place/country to make their trip more exciting and memorable.

Today there are plenty of places available to visit and enjoy, yet it again depends on people’s interests and tastes. However, when compared to any other sites, middle-eastern countries are now grabbing the attention of people. It has a bag full of beautiful places. Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Tunisia, Palestine, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon are some of the countries in the Middle East.

If you are interested in visiting historical monuments, then make sure to add these countries on your holiday trip to end up having a fabulous holiday. Most people imagine middle-east countries as dangerous and terrorist places, but they are, in fact, safe to visit. One can enjoy the vast natural and cultural sites in different Middle East countries and make their holiday experience more exciting.

However, when one decides to visit any one of the above mentioned middle-east countries, then it is advisable to follow their customs. It is because customs vary from one state to another, and to make you feel comfortable spending some quality time in a new place/country, it would be better to pay attention to their living style.

Some of the best attractions in Middle-east countries

Places in Egypt

Egypt is one of the best places to visit if you are planning for an air ticket to middle-eastern countries. Not only pyramids and monuments but there are plenty of other sites that you can visit and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Dahab – Dahab is one of the impressive beach towns in Egypt. It is winning the hearts of all the tourists with its scuba diving, delicious seafood, and comfortable apartments to stay at for cheaper rates.

Pyramids of Giza – Whenever we think of Egypt, then the first thing that comes in our minds is Pyramids of Giza. It is proven as the world’s most recognizable and famous landmarks. One will surely get amazed to see these beautiful pyramids.

Aswan – If you are in a mood of soaking up in the chilled-atmosphere in Egypt, then Aswan is the right place for you. It is set upon winding curves of the Nile and backed by orange-hued dunes. You can also visit numerous temples nearby and can spend some quality time in a riverboat restaurant.

The White Desert – If you are a dessert fan and love adventures, then the White desert is awaiting your visit. It is a snowy wonderland in the middle of the arid sand. Ice-berg like pinnacles here will surely win your hearts. So, make sure to enjoy this spectacular natural scenery in Egypt.

Siwa Oasis – If you are planning adventures in Egypt, then Siwa Oasis is a perfect base for your adventures in nearby deserts. This beautiful place is surrounded by date palm plantations and is one of the fantastic picturesque spots of Middle-eastern countries.

Places in Iraq

Iraq is famous for its history and culture. Today majority of people from every corner of the world are turning their heads towards this country to enjoy its stunning destinations. There are many interesting places located in Iraq that are impressing tourists to the fullest. Below mentioned are some of the best places in Iraq

Amadia – It is just 10 kilometers away from the Turkish border and is the best photogenic village located on the flat top of the mountain. It is one of the best historical places in Iraq that has over 5,000 years of history. You can visit this place and feel the depth of history.

Erbil – This city is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan with lots of traditions. There is a countless number of epic cafes, historical sites, and ancient bazaars available in this beautiful city. If you are planning for the best nightlife in the Middle East, then Erbil is the right choice for you.

Baghdad Zoo – If you are on a trip to Middle East countries with children, then make it a point to visit Baghdad zoo, which is proven as one of the most prominent zoos in the Middle East. It has more than 600 animals, and children will surely enjoy the place to the fullest.

Great Mosque of Kufa – Located in Kufa, it is the earliest remaining mosques in the world. This mosque was built in the 7th century, and millions of tourists have visited this mosque to date. One will fall in love with the stunning architecture of this mosque that has pure, beautiful white tiles.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are a lot many places that one can visit and enjoy in Middle-East countries. If you are new to these places, then get into the online world and do proper research about different places and their attractions. You will be amazed to see the big list of attractions and exciting places in these countries.

Earlier going on a tour to Middle-east countries was something a difficult task for people but today it is so simple to book your air tickets and accommodation in these countries. Many travel agencies are providing online services where you can book your tickets along with accommodation in the best hotel just by a few clicks on your computer.

However, concentrating just on tourist attractions of the particular middle-east country is not enough to make your holiday trip enjoyable. Instead, one needs to be very careful in picking the best accommodation to make your stay comfortable. You can choose the hotel of your choice, where the price for each hotel may vary from another.

Many official travel agencies are now providing the best offers to their customers. So, enjoy your trip to middle-east countries by taking impressive tour packages from popular travel agencies depending upon the country you are planning to visit and also the budget plan you have.


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