How to Decorate Your Space When You Love the High Seas

How to Decorate Your Space When You Love the High Seas

It’s important to theme your space, whether it’s a living room or a home office. If you love the high seas, you can opt for a nautical theme. Consider a few design ideas to help you decorate so that you feel right at home.

Choose Blue Hues

You will want to color the walls so that they aren’t a drab white. It only makes sense to choose blue hues so that they represent the water. Consider making one wall a darker blue than the other three. This will add dimension to the entire room. If there are other elements already in the room, consider matching the blue for one of the walls to that particular element.

Add Ship Models

There are some stunning handmade ship models created by talented modelers and craftsmen. If you have a connection to a particular type of ship, you can find a model of it. This includes naval ships, classic liners, cargo ships, cruise ships, and even yachts. These can be placed on a desk, on a shelf mounted to the wall, and anywhere else throughout the room.

Hang Artwork

Add some decoration to the walls. You may find all sorts of different artwork featuring ships as well as oceans. You may want an aerial photograph of an ocean you have sailed on. Then again, you may want a painting of your favorite port. Whatever it is, you can choose various sizes to hang on your wall.

You will want to consider all sorts of ways to decorate your space so that you can show off your love of the high seas. Individual commissions can be made on ship models, artwork, and more. It will allow you to have some unique components to your room that will also serve as conversation starters.


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