Where to Shop In Marrakech

Where to Shop In Marrakech

 Since the 11th century, Marrakech has been a trading town and a Mecca for shopping lovers. Its warren of souqs are the quintessential Moroccan shopping experience, but wait! There is more; up to date purchasers likewise scramble toward the plan area of Sidi Ghanem or upscale Gueliz for contemporary crafts, one of a kind fashion and that eccentric lamp that would look simply astonishing in the lounge area.

Marrakesh’s medina

The overly complex souqs are not one but a cluster of markets that fan out along the medina’s twisting roads of the famous Djemaa El Fna square. Each of the named souqs specializes in one item that’s being made and sold, and you’ll find carpets, leather, babouche slippers, jewellery, metalware, ceramics, baskets and many more.

Just visit shops to know the range of handicrafts, prices, and quality of items. Marrakech people are very good are bargaining so I recommend that just visit as many shops as you can and do not afraid of getting lost just ask a stallholder for ‘la place’, which will guide you back to Djemaa El Fna square.

Stallholders can be pushy, but bargaining is expected from them as usual: just don’t engage in a lengthy debate if you’re not serious about buying. Most stalls accept cash only no credit cards, but most upmarket shops accept credit cards. No place had fits the Aladdin’s Cave antique superior to Mustapha Blaoui, a tremendous space heaped floor-to-roof with everything from candlesticks and lanterns to textiles, ceramics, and furniture.

There is also an expanding number of stylish, boutiques in which prices are fixed. Souk Cherifa is home to a number of wardrobe-sized outlets, it includes Lalla, Gucci line of stylish bags, Sissi Morocco, home of French artist Silvie Pissard’s homemade purses and pillows, and fashion designer Artsi Ifrach’s Art/C. You can also get Indian cotton kaftans decorated with embroidery and sequins. You can also get the stunning item made by local artists just above the town hall.


Where to Shop In Marrakech

In the French build European style new town, you can find the upscale boutiques of Gueliz. You should not worry about bargaining because the prices are fixed. You’ll find Rue de la Liberté, and many of others which accept credit cards. Place Vendome is a Gueliz institution for great-value, bags, purses, wallets, coats all made of butter soft leather can be found here. If you are not sure what you want then they can even make it for you within days. Atika stocks which is high-quality, Moroccan leather and suede designer-style loafers in astonishing colors and a fraction of the price (around US$100).

Scenes de Lin is the place to shop embroidered table mats, throws, cushions, tassel-fringed towels, and cloth robes. The creators behind Akbar Delights have created a new diffusion line, Moor, with contemporary kaftans and jackets, decorated with embroidery.

For loosened up rug shopping, head to Ben Rahal where two stories are piled high with shaggy Beni Ourain mats, handiras (woolen wedding covers from the Atlas Mountains dotted with sparkling sequins) and woven kilims in a kaleidoscope of colors. Opposite to it is a Jardin Majorelle, which is the former home of French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, the store 33 Rue Majorelle has a constantly changing stock from more than 90 Moroccan architects, including garments, adornments, embellishments and specialties from reasonable exchange cooperatives.

Morocco’s Best Sellers

You can discover nearly everything in Marrakesh; however, there are deals to be found around the rest of the country too. Before buying try to bargain as hard as possible to get the best prices. Let’s see some of the best sellers in Morroco.

Carpets: There’s everything from flat-weaved kilims to hand-hitched floor coverings and thick fleece carpets. Quality, design, and price vary but serious carpet shoppers should head to the Middle Atlas towns of Azrou and Khenifra.

Where to Shop In Marrakech

Leather: Both Fez and Marrakesh have photogenic, if noxious, working tanneries, and plenty of leather shops selling bags, belts, jackets, slippers, and embroidered pouffes.

Where to Shop In Marrakech

Silver: The most striking silver gems is made by Berbers in the High Atlas and the Touaregs, a clan of desert travelers. Tiznit’s silver souq and Taroudant are great spots to purchase everything from chunky necklaces to delicate filigree.

Where to Shop In Marrakech

Pottery: Style and color vary from region to region, but the main pottery areas are Safi, Fez and it is famous for its blue and white ceramics. The sales of crockery are also huge there.

Where to Shop In Marrakech

Textiles: Weaving is years old art form across Morocco and even today’s the best buys are silk and wool scarves, shawls and throws, as well as hand weaved table cloths and kaftans.

Where to Shop In Marrakech

Spices: Ras el hanout is a great blend of fragrant flavors utilized for stews and grilling. Look out for Cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, paprika, and saffron these can be found at the best prices.

Where to Shop In Marrakech

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