4 most beautiful places to visit in Istanbul

4 most beautiful places to visit in Istanbul

We often say, read, and hear that the world is full of beautiful places, but there are some places that are far from being merely beautiful. They represent the amalgamation of everything and set an example of something that is simply heaven. Out of many such places, Turkey is one country where one can witness the beauty in the extravaganza. The country does not only present the best picture of two different eras, but it reflects the culture of East and West together.

Istanbul, the capital city of the country, is also the most populous city and serves as the financial hub for the country as well. The city is also famous for being the place that connects Asia and Europe, two different continents with two entirely different cultures and histories. The city was founded in the Neolithic times and has been connected with many different cultures till date, each leaving its bits here. Even today, despite being one of the most advanced places in Turkey, Istanbul has not left its essence. It still speaks of its history, culture, and traditions through the different establishments. So, if you are making your plans to visit Istanbul in the coming days, here are 4 places that you shouldn’t miss out on your trip. Also, you can plan your trip ahead and in the easiest way with the help of www.holidayme.com.

Top 4 places you shouldn’t miss out:

Topkapi Palace

One of the grandest establishments in the entire country, Topkapi Palace was the adobe for Turkish Sultans for over 400 years. Set on the Seraglio Point, it faces to the Golden Horn on one side and the Sea of Marmara on the other. It features four courtyards and a lot of smaller building. Yes, it indeed is a clichéd place in the list of tourist places, but it deserves it. It is so grand that you cannot miss this.

Galata Tower

Galata Tower is again one of the best architectural beauties in the city. It is 67 meters high and seems to touch skyline. It offers a panoramic view of the old city and its adjacent areas. It is also known as the Tower of Christ, and once was the tallest building in the entire city. Its construction dates back to 1348. Many modifications of the tower took place and it once was used as the observation tower to identify fires. Today, there is one café, a restaurant and a nightclub on the upper part.

Basilica Cistern

Apart from being a famous tourist spot, Basilica Cistern also serves as the source of water for the residents of Istanbul. It is doing the same since the 6th century when it was built by a Roman emperor Justinian. The place is all about the beauty and intelligence behind the Roman architecture. It was far advanced then it is at this day. Basilica Cistern can hold 2.8 million cubic feet of water and now you can imagine the grand space it has. Also, a famous thriller Bond movie was shot here in the year 1963.

Blue Mosque

Another amazing architectural and spiritual adobe in the city, Blue Mosque’s construction dates back to the 17th century. It still serves as the place for worship and this makes visitors to choose the right time to pay a visit. Visitors have to remove their shoes and cover their hair while entering. The mosque features 20,000 ceramic tiles, each of them in different tulip designs along with 200 stained glass windows in intricate designs. Sultan Ahmet built the mosque and it got its name from its blue tiles that were used on the dome and upper-level interiors.

These 4 places are must visit in the list of all other tourist places in Istanbul. These places are top in the list for obvious reasons and the only way you can discover them is by visiting them yourself.


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