6 Tips to Consider When Renting a Dumpster

6 Tips to Consider When Renting a Dumpster

Dumpster rental help in functioning of a business or enterprise more smoothly and successfully. Dumpsters are used in almost all sectors, from manufacturing industry to industrial plants and from home remodeling to offsite construction areas. –No matter where you live, such services are openly provided in each town. Dumpster rental in Wyomissing is a good example for one. Helping your company and local community through dumpster rental is always a good step forward. However, at the time of renting a dumpster, you should consider certain things to optimize the best dumpster rental experience.

• Select your ideal Dumpster style and size

The first thing you should consider before renting a dumpster is its size. Select the ideal size and type of dumpster you will require for your project. You can select from various dumpster types- top loading dumpsters, rear loading containers, compactors and roll off dumpsters. You will find different size of dumpsters according to the project type. Evaluate the size of each Dumpster and then finalize one as per your project.

Most of the rental dumpster is available in these size varieties:

10 yard dumpster

These are good for home remodeling projects or for medium sized cleanouts like 300 square feet deck removal or 1500 square fit shingle roof removal. These dumpsters hold 10 cubic yards of waste and take three pickup rounds of truck full of garbage.

20 yard dumpster

These are ideal for carpet removal, shingles roof removal and deck removal over 3000 square feet. These dumpsters have 20 cubic yard holding capacity and need six pick up rounds of truck for dumping.

30 yard dumpster

These are mainly for construction dumpster rentals. They have holding capacity of 30 cubic yards and take 9 pickup rounds of truck for dumping.

40 yard dumpster

These are mainly rented for commercial or industrial purposes. These are also used in window replacement. These dumpster have holding capacity of 40 cubic yards and take 12 pickup rounds of truck for dumping.

• Ideal placement and location

Decide the location for placing the dumpster the location site should be free of debris, fully levelled and has an ideal traffic route for vehicles and equipment. Also, check for drainage near your dumpster location. Make sure the place you have selected for your dumpster has no power cables lying and has no tree branches.

• Accessibility

Accessibility is equally important as site placement. Dumpster in such a way that it maximize the productivity and use on the site location. The site you are selecting for placing the dumpster and for your project should be accessible to drivers who will be delivering it and also am paying it when it gets full.

• Consider a waste audit

Consider getting a waste audit if you are not completely sure about the ideal size of the dumpster, types of dumpster or location for placement of it. An expert in dumpster rental will assist you in ideal waste management solutions.

• Watch fill levels

Do not overfill the Dumpster or compactors. It may not be able to function if filled with bulky items.

• Work with a professional

When you are renting a dumpster hire a professional who has much knowledge and experience in the type of project you are doing so that he can assist you and give you right suggestions for renting an ideal dumpster.


These are the six steps you should consider while renting a dumpster. These tips will help you in optimizing the dumpster and getting the best experience of it. Renting a dumpster is a very good step people take to keep the environment free from waste. Manage your waste and get it disposed at the right location by renting a dumpster and putting your waste into it. Do a little research before renting a dumpster and follow these tips.


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