Easy steps to overcome laziness and restore order back in your life

Easy steps to overcome laziness and restore order back in your life

Staying between the sheets till noon, ditching the gym or calling in sick at the office is sure fine once in a while. But if it becomes a habit then not only it jeopardizes with your health also your career and life. Laziness or procrastinating work is a habit that kicks in easily and clings like a leech. It takes persistent and conscious efforts to get over laziness and stop being a slacker. Here are some easy steps that will help you become active and restore your life without pushing your limits:

  • Digital Detox: One of the main reasons behind a tired and grumpy day is late night stalking on social media. Every day a new app is launched and people have started suffering from FOMO which makes them addicted to social media. It’s time to keep this habit in check as it will result in wrecking havoc on your metabolism, hormones and obviously feel tired and lethargic all day long. Take a break from the digital world for 2 hours in a day and uninstall apps that are not serving you.
  • Adopt 2-minute rule: According to this rule, never procrastinate anything that takes just 2 minutes. From replying to a mail to washing dishes to wearing shoes for a run, simply do it rather drop it. If we act in these two minutes chances of making it a habit become high and it will also help to become active as the brain will get a signal that most of the work is done.
  • Ditch the snooze button: Whoever invented snooze button did not realize it will be used up to the extent of exhaustion. It’s time to stop using it and start waking up on designated time. The snooze button is an allurement and those 10 minutes of extra sleep is sweet and sound but it messes up with the day’s schedule. So ditch the snooze button and rather wear your jogging shoes and go for a run.
  • 10 minutes of everything: Start slow and you will definitely win the race in the long run if you will be consistent. Don’t pressurize yourself or criticize for being lazy rather start making changes and adopt a new habit slowly but consistently. If you are planning to start running again then start with 10 minutes and don’t forget comfortable shoes. Invest in comfortable and ankle supporting shoes of a good brand and use discount codes from Bydiscountcodes.co.uk for the pocket-friendly shopping experience.
  • Declutter your place: Lastly, clear the mess and make your place positive and clean. It will not only make the place look good and spacious but will also ooze positivity making you feel good and motivated.

To conclude, it will take time to change the routine but self-discipline and commitment is the key. Be accountable to yourself and make the short-term goal. Celebrate your success whenever you achieve short-term goals and enjoy extended hours of sleep on weekend.


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