Kids Accessories This Spring

Kids Accessories This Spring
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With the spring in full swing, it is high time to update your kids’ wardrobe with new clothes and accessories. The season of sunshine and fresh air, but also intense showers and strong winds dictates a very specific type of clothes and accessories.

Whether you are looking for school clothes or simply every day wear, there are some accessories which are simply unavoidable for any parent and child who want to be in the center of attention and who wish to stay current with the fashion trends. Here are some suggestions from kids fashion specialists at ModerneChild.

Clothes with a Conscience

When picking out your clothes and accessories, we often look at the price and/or quality as the primary factors. However, we often forget how much of an impact the clothing industry can have on the environment. Including the environmental factor into your shopping decisions is just a small step, but if we all do our little part, it may have a tremendous effect on the environment.

We tend to recycle and feel conscious of the environmental impact we have, so clothes shopping should be just an extension of this effort, rather than a whole new movement. Think before you shop.


One of the staples of accessories for all those sunny days, not only for kids, but for adults as well. There are numerous styles to choose from, and the sizes range from toddlers to teen sizes. If you are coming up with thematic outfits for your kids, you are sure to find a pair of sunglasses which will go with the theme.

However, a good pair of sunglasses should not only be fashionable, but also functional. Make sure that you only buy those which have a polarization filter in order to protect your child’s eyes from the harmful UV rays.


In the same vein as sunglasses, hats can be both useful and fashionable accessories. For those sunny days, it is important to protect your children’s heads from direct exposure to the sun. Hats can provide that protection and can even extend it to the neck if the brim of the hat is wide enough.

However, hats give you the chance to be a bit creative and to enhance yours and your child’s fashion and style. There are a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from for any outfit. However, when picking out a hat, it is always better to buy those made from natural materials like straw or cotton. These materials help the skin breathe easier and are much more environment-friendly than the synthetic options.


Suspenders had gone out of fashion for a really long time and hadn’t been seen much until a few years back when the whole retro trend started. Nowadays, however, you can find them just about anywhere, and the range may stun you at first, and then delight you.

Both boys’ and girls’ outfits can benefit greatly from an accessory like suspenders. They can be used to complement the color scheme of the outfit or serve as a break in the monotone if the outfit is a single color. Once again, the practical application of the accessory is just an added benefit to the multitude of stylistic purposes.

Kids Accessories This Spring


However, as mentioned before, the spring is not all sunshine and warm weather. There are some serious showers every so often, and it pays to be prepared for those as well.

First of all, rubber boots are there to protect your child’s feet from the rainfall (and the subsequent puddles they are likely to run and jump through). The practical footwear is fairly ubiquitous, so you shouldn’t have any troubles finding sizes, styles or patterns you want on them.

Rubber boots will save your child from wet feet once the rain is over. However, spring showers are so often sudden and may catch you outside. In that case, you’d better be equipped with a good umbrella. Some kids really dislike having umbrellas, since it’s an item that they need to carry around and not forget. Fortunately, child sized umbrellas often come decorated with favorite characters from movies or video games, which should help with the adoption of the habit of bringing an umbrella.

Finally, if you can’t get your child to carry an umbrella, or they are too young for that, you can always get them a raincoat. These lightweight and foldable items are really convenient to carry around and can come in handy if you’re surprised by rain while outdoors.

Child fashion always needs to balance between being functional and serving the purpose on the one hand, and being pretty and looking stylish on the other hand. However, over time, you can help your child develop a style of their own, something they will surely appreciate in the future.


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