Learn from These Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Flooring

Learn from These Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Flooring

We all learn from different platforms. This is one of the best platforms that teaches us everything we need to know about concrete flooring.


  1. Is there a decorative concrete? Most people see the decorative concrete flooring and they are amazed at the beauty. Yes, concrete does come in decorative concretes to make your home or office as beautiful as you would like.

2. Are concrete floors cold and damp? Yes, concrete can be cold but not more than the ceramic tiles or natural stone flooring. If not insulated properly or if the slab was poorly drained, the concrete floor can transmit moisture. If properly installed, the polished concrete floor does not get allow any moisture passage neither does it get too cold. It has the ability to store and radiate heat across the house.

3. Are concrete floors loud and hard on the feet? Yes, concrete’s hardness does not cushion your feet and it can be loud producing an echo sound effect. However, it is not louder than the hardwood, bamboo, ceramic tiles or the natural stone flooring. Its hardness contributes to its durability and abrasion resistance. Though it is hard to the feet, it does not cause abrasion, especially if it properly polished to a smooth finish.

4. Are decorative concrete floors expensive? When compared with other flooring options like ceramic tile, decorative concrete and hardwood, polished concrete is economical. Getting a quote from professionals like Houston polished concrete will clearly show you the high rates of the rest of the floor options. If you consider the life expectancy of a concrete floor, it surpasses the cost.

5. Is decorative concrete maintenance free? Concrete floors only require simple floor maintenance, especially if it endures less traffic. When protected with a good sealer and a coat of wax, concrete floors are highly resistant to staining, chemicals, and abrasion. In areas of heavy traffic, especially on the entrances and foyers, you can use floor mats to reduce wear and tear.

6. Are concrete floors slippery? Application of a high-gloss sealer that protects and enhances decorative concrete reduces traction somewhat. Keeping the concrete floor clean and dry ensures there is no danger of slip and fall.

7. How long does concrete flooring last? Concrete lasts long and gives you a better return on your investment. Concrete floors rarely need replacement, especially if they are properly installed and well maintained.

8. Can they easily crack? Yes, they crack but most of the time, the cracks are barely visible. Unlike other floors which have to be repaired immediately they crack, the concrete floor can remain like that for long without anyone noticing. You can also use a micro-topping to cover the crack neatly.

9. Are they suitable for home installation? Most people wonder how that the concrete floor, which looks very industrial, is used at home. A brown or earth tone concrete floor is warm and inviting, making it a popular choice among homeowners.


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