3 Ways to Add Some Colour and Depth to Your Garden

3 Ways to Add Some Colour and Depth to Your Garden

After a long and very cold winter, it will soon be time to get the garden furniture out and prepare the patio for the coming summer season. For many families, the garden is that special refuge where most of the downtime is spent, and therefore, every effort is made to decorate the terraced area accordingly. The patio could do with a clean and hiring a water pressure cleaner will soon have the paved area looking like new, and if you feel it is time for a revamp, here are some great ideas on how to make your garden area a little more attractive.

  1. Add a Garden Shed – Modern garden outbuildings come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and with an online search, you can pick from garden sheds for sale from 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, the UKs leading shed and summer house supplier. You might already have a garden shed that has seen better days, and for a small investment, you can replace it with a modern unit that is built to stand the test of time. We all need a place to store the lawnmower and gardening tools, along with secure storage space for the garden furniture in the winter, and with a stylish shed that is in keeping with the look of the property, your storage problems are solved. It is likely the installation will be carried out free of charge, and the supplier would even create the concrete base, should you require, and with their expert advice, you can select the perfect unit.
  2. A Modular Summer House – These attractive, stand-alone structures are typically fabricated from Nordic Pine, which is very dense timber, due to its incredibly slow growth, and this is the ideal timber for an outbuilding in the UK, as it can handle the extremes of the North European winter. If you’d like to browse a comprehensive selection of seasoned timber summer house, there are established online suppliers, and once you’ve found the ideal unit, drive over to their premises, where you can experience the unit already assembled in a garden environment.
  3. Add a Fabric Awning – Modern shading solutions include fully retractable, folding arm awnings, and the units are tailored to fit the space, making for an elegant and stylish shading and screening system that will last for many years. It is strongly advised to stick with a well-known brand, and one that has a long product warranty, and with an online search, sourcing a local supplier isn’t difficult. The range of quality fabrics allows you to create the perfect al fresco dining area, and with the right garden furniture and a little flora, the scene is complete. If you would like some inspiration, there is an online guide to creating an outdoor al fresco dining area, which outlines several cost effective additions.

If you want your back garden to look like something out of a horticultural magazine, you will need a stylish shed in which to store all your gardening equipment, and with online solutions, your garden will soon be the envy of all your neighbours.


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